DHS lied so Laredo filed a lawsuit, county disaster declaration signed

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

What is a county on the southern border to do when it finds itself overwhelmed by Biden’s border crisis? In the case of Webb County, Texas, the county judge signs a disaster declaration and the biggest city in the county, Laredo, files a lawsuit in hopes of getting a temporary restraining order. The goal is to stop the influx of illegal migrants coming into the county. Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Troy Miller, and Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott are all named in the lawsuit.

Laredo has been under the gun during the current border crisis. A prime concern about the number of migrants being dumped into the county, and Laredo specifically, is the spread of the coronavirus. Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said it would stop bussing illegal migrants apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley to Laredo due to concerns about a dangerous spike in cases. Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz said at the time that the city can’t handle the rise in cases. Rep. Henry Cuellar got involved, as Laredo is his hometown. DHS assured them that it would not send any more illegal migrants to Laredo. There has been an influx of migrant families, mostly from Central American countries, entering the United States through the Rio Grande Valley. NGOs and local medical facilities in Laredo are overburdened.

Well, that was then and this is now. Just a couple of weeks later and DHS has already broken its word. Shocker, I know. It just points to the seriousness of the Biden border crisis. Biden and his minions can say the border is under control and the situation is greatly improved, as border czar Kamala recently said in El Paso, but it isn’t true. The facts say otherwise. DHS and Border Patrol continue to scramble to find places to dump the migrants. Mayor Saenz, an Independent, has had enough.

Webb County Judge Tano Tijerina issued a disaster declaration that took effect Wednesday morning. It was issued “to stop migrants from coming into the Laredo sector,” according to a Webb County spokeswoman. The City of Laredo, the biggest city in Webb County, filed a lawsuit in the hopes of getting a temporary restraining order to stop the busloads from coming into the city last week. Apparently, it took the lawsuit to get the federal government’s attention.

The lawsuit apparently got the federal government’s attention and Saenz said they are currently in negotiations. He said federal officials are in Laredo engaging in talks with city and county officials.

“We filed a lawsuit Friday for the intention of seeking a temporary restraining order,” Saenz told Border Report. “They said ‘let’s visit over this. We can assure you that no more buses will be traveling to Laredo with migrants.’ So that created that pause. And since then they have been visiting and trying to work something out.”

At least 10 percent of all migrants apprehended in the RGV are testing positive for COVID-19 yet they are released to NGO organizations. Border Patrol doesn’t test them for COVID-19 when they are apprehended. It is a three-hour bus ride to Laredo. The trip exposes Border Patrol agents to potential infection and the virus spreads. Right now Laredo’s largest NGO-run migrant shelter is quarantined due to COVID-19 infections. Mayor Saenz says there is nowhere to put incoming migrants. Saenz is trying to avoid a bigger crisis with the coronavirus.

The city already has over 12% of its population currently infected with COVID-19, and as a “medically underserved community,” he said the city’s resources are greatly limited.

“We were basically at the threshold of entering into a crisis,” Saenz said. “They told us they would be doubling the amount of migrants from three buses to six buses daily. Our NGOs that had been dealing with these migrants were at capacity and top of that at least one of them, the primary one, Holding Institute, has been quarantined due to the high number of COVID-19 positives. And on top of that … we have very limited hospital capacity primarily due to lack of staffing. We lost a lot of people due to COVID-19.”

The emergency declaration of disaster that Tijerina signed Tuesday is in effect for a week and prevents the busing of migrants to Webb County, which “has experienced the organized transportation of large numbers of individuals (refugees, immigrants and/or migrants, a significant portion of whom are unvaccinated, untested for the COVID-19 virus and COVID positive),” according to the declaration.

Tijerina’s order states “the unanticipated influx of these individuals has overwhelmed local resources and services.”

The order prevents migrants who have been apprehended from outside the Border Patrol Laredo Sector from being brought to Webb County.

Since the beginning of July, Laredo-area DHS officials have been taking in migrants from the RGV as well as the Del Rio area. The numbers of buses per day went from three to six. This amounts to about 300 migrants per day in Laredo. DHS broke its promise to end the buses coming in and local officials had to step in to protect the community.

Mayor Saenz says that Laredo doesn’t have a pediatric intensive care unit. Sick migrant children have to be sent to San Antonio, which is an added financial burden for the city. “It just creates more a predicament and a bad situation for us,” Saenz said. “Whatever arrangement we make it has to hinge on the hospital capacity.”

This is the outcome of Biden’s refusal to secure the southern border. Border communities are left to cope with the thousands upon thousands of migrants crossing the border. DHS adds to the burden by bussing in more migrants to move them away from where they crossed the border in the RGV. If you watch FNC at all, you will see daily reports from La Joya, Texas. It is a small city in Hidalgo County with a population of about 4,000 according to the last census. Every day large numbers of migrants are crossing there. The Fox reporters show migrants wading across the Rio Grande River and waiting for Border Patrol to take them into custody. FNC is almost alone in covering the border crisis, though. The rest of the media plays along with the Biden administration and ignores the crisis.