Abbott responds to Texas Democrats who fled to Washington, D.C.

AP Photo/LM Otero, File

“Once they step back into the State of Texas, they will be arrested and brought to the Texas Capitol and we will be conducting business.” That is what Texas Governor Greg Abbott said to FNC’s Laura Ingraham last night about the state Democrat lawmakers who fled rather than maintain a quorum in the Texas House of Representatives. Democrats are using their flight from the state as a filibuster against moving forward in the special session with an election integrity bill.

In a tweet Monday afternoon, Abbott released a statement listing other items on the special session agenda besides election integrity.

We know that Democrats aren’t particularly interested in tax relief or funding law enforcement but what about children in foster care and retired teachers? Aren’t Democrats supposed to be the champions of children and beholden to teacher unions?

Another tweet from the governor simply implored the Democrats to return and get back to work.

The problem with appealing to Democrats to do their jobs is that this sort of political stunt feeds red meat to the progressive base of the party. They think Democrats are standing up and fighting for their right to vote when they already have that right. What they don’t realize, or care about, is that Texas Democrats are being played by the national party. They are being used as useful idiots, promoted as brave fighters against Republicans in hopes that it will benefit them in the mid-term elections. National Democrats are desperate to get the Senate to pass the House’s For the People Act. This legislation will nationalize election law and create a permanent Democrat majority.

As predicted, Democrats are already fundraising off of the stunt. Beto O’Rourke has a pinned tweet on his Twitter feed that asks for donations so Democrats can continue to fight for the For the People Act and “save our democracy”, of course.

Who paid for the chartered flights to D.C.? That question remains unanswered. The only thing I read is that it was “a billionaire” that paid for a couple of private jets to fly the Democrats to D.C.

Governor Abbott points out that this political stunt is being paid for by Texas taxpayers in the form of their salaries and those of their staff. The Democrats and their staff are being paid even though they are not doing their work. Abbott ordered funding restored last Wednesday for the legislative branch, the day before the start of the special session. He had ordered a stop to paying lawmakers and their staff after the end of the general session in May when Democrats first fled to avoid voting on election reform. This trip to D.C. is essentially an all-expenses-paid vacation. And lots of swooning press, too. You’ll notice that the media, the DNC’s mouthpiece, describe the Texas Democrats as brave fighters, the saviors of voting rights for the oppressed. Yet, when Oregon Republicans left the state to stop a legislative session, they were described as politicians who were hiding.

As has been written here, Kamala rewarded a group of Texas Democrats earlier this summer with an invitation to visit her in D.C. and they were thrilled to accept. Chuck Schumer met with them and Biden stopped in to say hello, too. Remember, one of the many hats that Kamala wears is to be the person to push through voting rights reform. The Texas Democrats are responding as planned. Arrangements must have been finalized ahead of today and the exit by the Democrats was carefully orchestrated. Press coverage has been extensive. Democrats even called in from their jet for interviews en route to D.C.

This 32-year-old Texas Democrat lawmaker wants you to know what a sacrifice they are making. Rightfully, he has been roundly mocked on social media for such a tone-deaf tweet. His Twitter bio says he is the youngest legislator and it shows.

You notice he includes Senators Manchin and Sinema in that tweet. It’s all about pressuring Senators to pass the For the People Act.

All the Democrats are doing is running, which doesn’t sit well with most Texans.

The Democrats are brave heroes, legends in their own minds. The election integrity reforms will be made. Governor Abbott can keep calling special sessions until the work is finished, all the way up until the next election. Texas Democrats know this. They’ve been recruited by national Democrats to push the House’s attempted takeover of free and fair elections.

Note that they didn’t forget the beer. That’s Miller Lite next to someone’s handbag. That tweet has been deleted. They have to pretend that this is serious business, not a paid vacation. The lawmakers didn’t even bother to mask up on the plane. One person posted on Twitter a good summary of what the Texas legislation does do. It is something that honest brokers would get behind.