Venezuelans flood Texas border region - will Peruvians be next?

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Venezuelans are coming to the Texas border at an unprecedented rate. Hundreds of Venezuelans cross the Rio Grande River on any given day. Unlike others who are illegally crossing the southern border with only the bare essentials, these migrants carry their worldly possessions in backpacks. They plan to stay.


While Kamala is busy creating more chaos with her inept performance with the President of Guatemala, all eyes will turn today to her visit with the Mexican president. The Biden administration is concentrating their efforts, as incompetent as they may be, on Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries – Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Those countries produce the majority of migrants making the trek to the U.S. southern border, so it is a reasonable starting point. However, the Biden border crisis is so out of control at this point that it is hard to imagine what exactly the administration can do in partnership with Northern Triangle countries, or Mexico for that matter, at this point. Biden refuses to take the actions that proved successful during the last administration. He has decided to throw taxpayer money at the problem, thereby sending money to notoriously corrupt countries. Financial aid can be a part of the solution but can’t be the sole focus right now. If financial aid was the magic solution to waves of migrants flooding the southern border, the problem would have been solved decades ago. Several presidential administrations have used that approach and here we are. The president has to get tough and secure the southern border, which Joe Biden refuses to do.

Border patrol agents report that migrants from around the world are crossing the southern border. The world is watching Joe Biden’s inability to secure the border. Some of those are in South America. The number of illegal migration from Venezuela deserves attention. They cross the border via the Rio Grande River, change into dry clothes while discarding wet clothes where they land, relieve themselves in the carrizo cane next to the dirt road, and wait to be picked up by law enforcement, usually State Troopers. State Troopers greet them with water and granola bars, the wrappers discarded on the ground. The Troopers take pictures of them and try to identify from where they came as they all wait for Border Patrol to come and take them. Many pull out phones and call loved ones to let them know they have arrived in Texas.


Venezuela is a failed state. Joe Biden seems to have no real plan on how to handle the U.S.relationship with Venezuela. Biden plans to offer Venezuelans who fled to the U.S. temporary legal status. He also plans to scrap sanctions placed on Venezuela by the Trump administration. This is your reminder that Joe Biden has been historically wrong on foreign policy for over 40 years. His record isn’t likely to change but now he is president and his poor judgment is even more dangerous than when he was vice-president or in the Senate.

To understand the eye-opening increase in illegal migration from Venezuela, look no further than the Border Patrol in charge of the Del Rio Sector for numbers. 10,864 Venezuelans have been apprehended in this fiscal year as compared to 135 who were apprehended in 2020. Hmm, I wonder what changed?

“In just the last 7 days, our agents have encountered over 5,800 migrants from 29 different countries,” Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Chief Austin Skero wrote on Twitter on June 4. “During this same time, 63 smuggling attempts were caught on our highways.”

More than 119,000 illegal aliens from 70 countries have been apprehended in the sector so far this fiscal year (starting Oct. 1, 2020). Del Rio is a city of just over 35,000 people, while nearby Eagle Pass has about 30,000. The region is mostly ranch land.

The number of Venezuelans coming is immense. In this sector alone, with four months to go in the fiscal year, 10,864 Venezuelans have been apprehended by Border Patrol, according to Customs and Border Protection.

In comparison, for the whole of fiscal 2020, 135 Venezuelans were apprehended.


Many Venezuelans fleeing their country are able to fly to Mexico and then cross the Rio Grande on foot. Some come in through Colombia. Their intended destination is Florida where many have relatives. With the promise of temporary status from Joe Biden, why not?

The surge has mainly occurred over the last few months. On March 8, the Biden administration said it would grant temporary protected status to Venezuelans already in the United States, allowing an estimated 320,000 people to apply to legally live and work in the country for 18 months.

Temporary protected status, which was created in 1990, grants citizens of eligible nations the ability to stay if they can’t safely return to their home country because of natural disasters, armed conflicts, or other factors.

Citizens of 12 countries are in the United States with temporary protected status. The largest number come from El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti, many with U.S. citizen children and spouses. Nationals from Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen also have temporary protected status.

The Trump administration tried to phase out the program. Temporary status usually turns into permanent status because of frequent renewals. So, Trump didn’t grant temporary protected status to Venezuelans. He did, however, issue an order deferring deportation for a small number of Venezuelans on his final day in office.


An online friend pointed out that if we think the flood to the border is bad now, wait until the newly elected president of Peru takes charge. He promises to deport Venezuela refugees.

So, where will they turn? They’ll arrange to come to the U.S.-Mexico border. And, along with the increase in Venezuelans, look for a sharp increase in migrants from Peru. Peru has elected a Marxist, Pedro Castillo. He plans to rewrite the country’s constitution and nationalize industries for starters.

Castillo has ambitious policy proposals, which his supporters say most Peruvians want: rewrite the constitution, spend 10 percent of GDP on education and health, and redistribute mining profits to fund social programs. Perhaps in a nod to more moderate voters, he’s already walked back earlier calls to dissolve Congress if lawmakers don’t agree to reform the charter, and nationalize strategic industries.

For his opponents, however, Castillo is another Hugo Chávez who will turn Peru into Venezuela by overturning three decades of pro-business reforms that have brought prosperity to the country. So far, the markets agree — the value of the Peruvian sol sank on Monday to its lowest value against the US dollar in seven years, and the stock market plunged more than seven percent.


Kamala’s trip to Guatemala will prove to be nothing but a distraction. She’s feckless. Here we are in June and she still doesn’t understand that in order to quell the Biden border crisis, she actually has to go to the southern border and see what is happening on the ground. That is the scary part – she doesn’t understand. She admitted as much to Lester Holt in an interview when he asked why she hasn’t made the trip to the border. She doesn’t understand why the question keeps being asked of her.

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