Texas Democrat official tried to resign over racial slur aimed at Senator Tim Scott

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Senator Tim Scott was chosen to deliver the Republican response to Biden’s joint address to Congress last Wednesday night. Democrats unleashed their anger over a black conservative speaking out against the leftist takeover of Congress and Biden’s appeasement of them. One Democrat official in Texas was so angered by Senator Scott’s remarks that he lobbed a racial slur at him.


Lamar County Democratic Party Chair Gary O’Connor called Tim Scott an ‘oreo’ after watching the Republican response. O’Connor, a white Democrat, delivered his hot take on social media. “I had hoped that Scott might show some common sense, but it seems clear he is little more than an oreo with no real principles,” O’Connor wrote. How’s that for progressive tolerance?

Texas Republicans demanded that O’Connor apologize to Scott and resign. Governor Abbott and Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West were among those responding to O’Connor.

O’Connor finally did the right thing and resigned on Tuesday. No public official should feel entitled to use such language.

“I am deeply and sincerely sorry for my inappropriate and hurtful use of [the] racist term I used to describe Sen. Tim Scott on my personal Facebook page. It was insensitive, and I have embarrassed myself and my party by its use,” he said in a statement.


Unfortunately, the Democrats in Lamar County weren’t embarrassed, though, by O’Connor’s racist rant and refused to accept his resignation.

“Gary O’Connor has led Lamar County Democrats for seven years and his life of service, collaboration, and activism for racial justice is well known throughout this community. His recent remark is incompatible with his core values,” the county party said in its statement.

“Lamar County Democrats recommit ourselves to conduct our private conversations and our public social media discussions with anti-racist, pro- reconciling attitudes and language. We strongly condemn bigotry of any kind and will continue our historic efforts to work for justice and equality for all our fellow citizens.”

Gary O’Connor has an odd way of fighting for racial justice, doesn’t he? His mask slipped and yet he will not be held accountable for behavior that is unacceptable, certainly for a public official. One civil rights activist even said she’s glad O’Connor is staying.

Paris Civil Rights activist, Brenda Cherry, said she is happy that O’Connor is staying.

“I hope he continues on doing what he’s been doing and which is supporting the black community speaking against racism,” Cherry said.

Believe them when they tell you who they are. Democrats only care about “speaking against racism” if it is against Republicans, not members of their own party.


O’Connor has written a letter of apology to Senator Scott. He delivered an apology through a statement to the Texas Tribune, too.

“To Sen. Tim Scott, the residents of Lamar County, especially our Black residents, and to my family and friends, I profoundly apologize for the racially insensitive remark I made towards Sen. Scott last week,” O’Connor said in a statement provided to the Tribune. “I was wrong and I apologize.”

Republicans in Texas have faced their own embarrassments and in the case of a former Harris County Republican Party chairman, his resignation was demanded and accepted. He refused to resign at first but eventually did after the party pursued it. Too bad Lamar County didn’t bother to pursue O’Connor’s resignation.

Local Republican Party chairs in Texas have faced their own condemnation in recent months over social media reports. In June, Abbott and Republican party leaders condemned five GOP chairs after they posted conspiracy theories on Facebook, including a suggestion that George Floyd’s death was staged to erode Black support for President Donald Trump.

Former Harris County GOP chair Keith Nielsen, who posted a Facebook graphic juxtaposing a Martin Luther King Jr. quote with a banana, was the only one of the five to resign, and he did not resign until nearly six months after the posts were reported on by the Tribune.


The racist slur of oreo is comparable to the Uncle Tim hashtag that trended on Twitter for several hours after Scott’s speech before the Twitter overlords finally removed it. The real story now is that a Texas county’s Democrat Party decided to turn a blind eye to the bad behavior of their chairman and just accept it instead of replacing him. Democrats were triggered that Scott stated that America is not a racist country. It turns out they were caught doing what they accuse others of doing. The hypocrisy is real.

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