How did Kamala's book end up in welcome bags for unaccompanied minors in California?

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Update, 4/27: A fact check by the Washington Post debunked this New York Post report. Please see this post for the details.

Original post follows …

Kamala Harris hasn’t visited the U.S.-Mexico border to get an up-close and personal look at the crisis manufactured by her administration. Joe Biden named her as his Border Czar yet she laughs off questions as to when she might schedule a visit. Her book, however, has already made it to the border and is packed into welcome bags given out to unaccompanied minors at a Long Beach, California shelter.


“Superheroes Are Everywhere” was published in January 2018. Harris wrote the book, a picture book that currently sells for $11.85 (marked down from $17.99) on Amazon. It is recommended for children 3 – 7 years old. The book was spotted in welcome bags put together for unaccompanied minors as they arrive at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, a recently converted influx facility, along with basic hygiene supplies and clothing. How did this happen?

The White House feigns ignorance. When Fox News inquired, a Biden administration official said they were not aware of this and then threw local volunteers under the bus. By pointing out that local community members usually put together such supplies for migrants, the White House is hoping to quickly shove this story off to volunteers at the Long Beach influx facility. Maybe volunteers, or the person who organizes purchases for the welcome bags, bought the books. It doesn’t really matter who made the purchases at this point, it’s wrong and probably illegal to do such a thing. It matters that this is an ethical violation and a violation of the law. Remember when Joe Biden promised to have the most transparent and ethical administration ever? He and his administration are masters at gaslighting.


Kamala Harris traveled to a border state on Friday but it was to New Hampshire, a northern border state. She has conveniently avoided a visit to Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico. She has traveled back to her home state of California since the inauguration but not to that state’s border. Up to 1,000 migrant children can be housed at the Long Beach facility. Kamala’s picture book is a New York Times bestseller and described as containing “uplifting messages” like “Whenever there’s trouble, superheroes show up just in time.”

There is nothing wrong with that message but her book implies she is the superhero, not the real heroes – the people working on the front lines at the border. The ICE agents, border patrol officers, local law enforcement, and the National Guard members deployed to the Texas and Arizona borders are real heroes who go above and beyond to help unaccompanied minors put into life-threatening situations. Kamala is a coward, as is Joe Biden. Neither has bothered to visit the southern border yet both continue to speak as though it’s all just a challenge, not a humanitarian crisis. The Harris-Biden administration cannot stop the crisis until they admit it is a crisis. Kamala Harris profits from her book sales, regardless of who purchases them. Is the federal government making the purchases? Is it the State of California? Someone did.

How does a book written in English help a young, Spanish-speaking child? The children are unlikely able to read or speak English. This isn’t even a helpful item for the children. A coloring book and crayons would be a better idea if the purpose is to provide a little entertainment.


Remember the “Healthy Holly” book scam perpetuated by former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh? Though the book sales were bigger in Pugh’s case, it doesn’t make the Harris book purchases any more ethical. Imagine if former President Trump put a copy of one of his books in a welcome bag for illegal migrants in a border state.

The question remains – were the people putting together the welcome bags reimbursed for the purchases, including the book? Logic says they were reimbursed. Was either state or federal funding used to buy the books? Kamala gets a royalty from the sales. This means that taxpayer money enriched Kamala by a quasi-official gifting policy. That question needs to be answered.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to delegate meetings with foreign leaders to Kamala in hopes of beefing up her foreign policy cred with an eye on her presidential run in 2024. She will do a Zoom meeting Monday with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei to discuss the border surge. She plans to visit Guatemala in June. Sure, no rush. June is fine, right? Maybe she can’t decide which black pantsuit to pack for the trip. If she can’t face up to visiting the southern border, she should be going to Northern Triangle countries and speaking with leadership, at the very least.

“They will discuss working together to address immediate relief needs of the Guatemalan people as well as deepening cooperation on migration,” the White House official said of the discussion with Giammattei.


Some relief for Americans living and working on the southern border would be nice. American taxpayers are on the hook for Biden’s ineptness in handling illegal immigration. There is a humanitarian crisis and a public health crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border as a result. Kamala was greeted by protesters on Friday when she arrived in New Hampshire. Wrong border, Kamala. Head south.

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