NH GOP Chair torches Kamala's plan to visit, Border Czar headed to the wrong border

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Vice-President Kamala Harris, a.k.a. the Border Czar, is scheduled to travel to the border this week. No, not that border – she’s going to a state on the northern border. Harris will visit New Hampshire on Friday. Her trip will include one or more stops in the Laconia-Plymouth area, according to WMUR. The question is, why?


Specific events or locations for the visit have not been finalized. Why would Kamala Harris deliberately put herself in a position to go to New Hampshire when she is being begged to visit the southern border, to see the migrant crisis first hand? She could be on the receiving end of fluffy stories about her compassion for the children in custody, maybe shed a tear or two on camera, surround herself with local Democrats who blame the bad Orange Man for the problem. Instead, she is going to New Hampshire. There is no crisis on the Canadian border.

The Harris-Biden administration seems to be playing favorites among states. New Hampshire is an early winner. First Lady Jill Biden was deployed to New Hampshire last month. She was sent to gaslight the state’s residents on the greatness of the American Rescue Plan. At least there was a small connection for the visit – the First Teacher spoke about Christa McAuliffe.

Her visit will follow last month’s stop in the Granite State by First Lady Jill Biden. The first lady visited the Christa McAuliffe School in Concord on March 17 to promote the administration’s American Rescue Plan, tour classrooms and speak about the groundbreaking leadership of America’s late Teacher in Space.

Yes, Jill’s visit was random and odd but we know who is calling the shots in the White House – it’s Jill and Kamala. Maybe Kamala’s visit this week is to even the scoreboard. She hasn’t been to New Hampshire since September 2019 when she was running in the Democratic presidential primary. She started out with decent showings in attendance to her campaign appearances but then she stopped visiting the state regularly as candidates are expected to do. New Hampshire voters lost interest in her and we know she later dropped out of the race before the first primary ballots were cast. Is Kamala trying to make up for that failed run now and lay some groundwork for her presidential run in 2024? That is the most logical reason for a visit at this time.


We know that Kamala is being groomed to be Joe Biden’s successor. Biden is delegating duties to her that he should be doing if he were able to fulfill his presidential duties. Kamala is holding Zoom calls with world leaders to introduce herself and begin to form relationships. Eyebrows were raised as she officially welcomed the Japanese prime minister to the White House last week, not the president. That was odd, to put it mildly. Biden was there and later met with Prime Minister Suga. Biden stumbled through a joint press conference, calling the prime minister by every title but his official one. (Biden also gaffed when he referred to the Japanese golfer who won the Masters as a “boy”, though he is 29 years old.)

Perhaps Kamala is going to provide an early endorsement of Senator Maggie Hassan’s re-election. She is considered the most vulnerable Senator up for re-election. Kamala could tout Hassan as a woman lawmaker and a much-needed Democrat senator to keep the Senate in Democrat control.

I don’t think Kamala is needed to go and encourage New Hampshire residents to get vaccinated, as the state is a leader in COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Kamala used the excuse of getting people to go get vaccinated as the reason for her trip to Chicago, where she received more publicity because she visited a local bakery than she did for talking about the vaccines.

New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Stephen Stepanek rightly called Kamala out when the news surfaced Sunday evening. He said there is no crisis on the northern border, she should be going to the southern border. Apparently, he has knowledge of an anticipated appearance by Senator Hassan with Kamala.


“Our country is facing a crisis at our southern border, not our northern one. There are either serious communication issues within the Biden Administration, or Vice President Kamala Harris is simply unable to follow the directives of President Biden to fulfill her duties as the Border Czar.

“Granite Staters will clearly see this as yet another evasion from the worsening border crisis built by President Joe Biden. His admittance to this crisis echoes the massive misuse of federal funds for this event spotlighting Kamala Harris and Maggie Hassan.”

As you would imagine, the state Democrat Party is happy to have her. New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley released a statement, though he didn’t specifically tie in Hassan to the visit.

“It would be an honor to welcome the Vice President to New Hampshire to discuss the critical work the Biden-Harris administration is doing for New Hampshire families.

“From stimulus payments to relief for small businesses, our Congressional delegation has effectively partnered with the Biden-Harris administration to deliver for New Hampshire.

“While Chris Sununu and Washington Republicans are doing everything they can to block efforts to rebuild our economy, our delegation is working tirelessly to support small businesses, help create jobs, and make historic investments in New Hampshire’s infrastructure.”

If this turns out to be a trip to New Hampshire so that Kamala Harris can get crowds for Maggie Hassan’s campaign events, Kamala will deserve all the negative slams she receives. Instead of hitting the campaign trail for a 2022 candidate this far out from the election, there is an immediate crisis which she should be attending to, if she is, indeed, the Border Czar. Biden tossed that job off to her in order to free up his obligations to monitor the situation. Neither she nor he has bothered to visit the southern border.


The border crisis is getting worse, not better. There is chaos in trying to house illegal migrants, as well as the increase of human and drug trafficking at the border. Some bad people are making their way across the southern border.

The Biden administration has an odd little obsession with New Hampshire right now. If the vice-president wants to enjoy the travel perks of her office, she should put them to better use. Head to the other border, Kamala.

It looks like she is going to North Carolina today. She practiced her sloppy salute as she approached the steps to her plane.

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