Maxine Waters takes it to the streets in Minnesota: Tells BLM protesters to "get more confrontational"

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Rep. Maxine Waters sure sounds like she’s trying to incite protesters in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. She joined in a Black Lives Matter protest Saturday night. Waters said she plans to stay in Minnesota until Monday, the day when closing arguments are expected in the Chauvin trial.


The death of Daunte Wright has produced seven nights of protests. Outrage over his death is causing the 82-year-old California lawmaker to lose sleep. She told reporters that she had to come to show her support for Wright’s family and friends. Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old black man, died after he was shot by a white policewoman. Waters included her anger in the Derek Chauvin case, too, as she told protesters to fight for justice, stay in the streets, and “get more confrontational”.

Waters told the protesters at Brooklyn Center that she will fight for justice on their behalf and urged them to ‘to get more confrontational’ – just one day after protests descended into violence.

‘I am not happy that we have talked about police reform for so long,’ Waters said. ‘We’re looking for a guilty verdict,’ she added in regards to the Derek Chauvin trial. ‘If we don’t, we cannot go away.’

‘We gotta stay on the street,’ Waters was recorded saying, adding that protesters needed ‘to get more confrontational’ and they should ignore the curfew in place.

She has thoughts and wanted the protesters to hear them, so she traveled to Minnesota to make sure the protests continue.

“I came here for one reason, just to be here, to make sure that I let my thoughts be heard among all of those who have spent so much time on the streets. And so I’m hopeful that the protests will continue,” she said.

As she left the protest, it has been reported that a fight broke out between protesters and police outside Brooklyn Center Police Department. Who could have seen that coming? She told reporters she isn’t “depending on” Republicans for anything when she was asked about her work in Washington. She said that Republicans (“right-wing”, “racists”) will likely stand in the way of police reform legislation.


Waters included her anger over the Chauvin case as she addressed reporters. She demands no less than a guilty verdict, otherwise, she wants protests to escalate. She’s not a fan of curfews.

“We’re looking for a guilty verdict” in Derek Chauvin’s trial for the police killing of George Floyd, where deliberations will begin next week, she said.

“And if we don’t, we cannot go away,” she added. “We’ve got to get more confrontational.”

Asked about the curfew, she said, “I don’t know what curfew means,” according to another tweeted clip.

“A curfew means that ‘I want y’all to stop talking,’” she said, adding, “I don’t agree with it.”

Maxine Waters has a pattern of inciting anger in crowds against Republicans and conservatives. During the Trump administration, she instructed Trump deranged Democrats to harass members of the Trump administration, to run them out of grocery stores, away from gas stations, and get them thrown out of restaurants. We know she was successful as Trump opponents did just that as they filmed their ugly behavior on their phones. The protesters who turn their marches into riots don’t need any encouragement from her now.

On Saturday afternoon Black Lives Matter protesters showed up at the home of Washington County Attorney Pete Orput. Orput charged Kimberly Potter, the white policewoman who shot Wright as he resisted arrest, with second-degree manslaughter. Black Lives Matter and Waters say that charge isn’t enough – she should be charged with murder. One of the BLM activists, Nekima Levy Armstrong, said that Orput left his home and briefly spoke with protesters.


The protesters on Saturday night were chanting, “No good cops in a racist system!”, “F–K your curfew!”, and “No justice, no peace!” On Friday, about 100 people were arrested after the “peaceful” protesters attempted to tear down a fence around the police station. By Saturday night, protests spread to cities across the country, including Washington, D.C. It’s protest season in America and Maxine Waters is here for it.

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