Abbott slams Biden for "opening the floodgates" for illegal migrants, opens investigation on human trafficking

Texas Governor Greg Abbott held a press briefing across the street from the convention center in Dallas being used to house up to 3,000 boys ages 15 to 17. The unaccompanied minors, all illegal migrants, are seeking asylum in the United States. The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center is now a “decompression center” used to ease the overcrowding at the southern border brought on by Joe Biden’s open borders messaging. As Abbott spoke, the center was expecting arrival of 200 teenagers.


Abbott has upped the ante out of sheer frustration with the Biden administration and its lack of transparency in its handling of the crisis on the border. He announced his intention to investigate whether or not the immigrants are subject to human trafficking.

Abbott said he wants the Biden administration to grant access to the migrant teens to discuss human trafficking issues with his team, including the Texas Department of Public Safety, whose chief joined him at the news conference.

Human trafficking is a different and more serious legal charge than human smuggling. Many immigrants use smugglers, or coyotes, to assist them through Mexico.

Abbott charged that the Biden administration was “enticing” unaccompanied migrant children to begin the journey north that exposed them to “traffickers, to abuse and to terror.”

“America needs to know how these children — some are young children — are coming across the border and who is helping them come across the border,” Abbott said.

Say, who is providing those nice clean white t-shirts for the migrants flooding the southern border? You know, the ones with the wording that says, “Biden, Please let us in!” That might be a place to start. The “Biden” word is from his campaign logo. During the campaign Biden promised no more deportations, blanket amnesty for all illegal immigrants, ending the construction of the border wall, and ending illegal immigration as a crime with few exceptions. This crisis was completely predictable because of Biden’s campaign promises.


Unaccompanied minors are coming to the southern border and they know they will not be turned away. Abbott’s calling the Biden administration out due to its lack of transparency. DHS is refusing to allow reporters to tour the detention facilities, er, decompression centers, and it has stopped the press from ride alongs with border patrol. What happened to “Democracy dies in the dark”? Abbott wants the Texas Department of Public Safety to talk to the teens and find out about human trafficking. Children as young as six years old are arriving unaccompanied at the border.

Texas Democrats are playing defense and are trying to twist this disaster back on Abbott. They accuse him of politicizing children. Open borders Democrats are in support of the Biden administration’s actions.

On Wednesday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said children shouldn’t be politicized. In a detailed statement, Jenkins said the federal government leased the convention center for a “humanitarian operation.” Jenkins championed helping unaccompanied migrant children in 2014 by offering temporary housing during a previous spike in arrivals.

“There will be some limited opportunities for volunteerism, ministry and donation but not at a cost to local taxpayers,” Jenkins said. “The children are unaccompanied minors, ages 15 to 17, who were being kept in small holding cells at the border not designed to incarcerate people for more than a few hours. … The transfer to a temporary facility at the convention center will provide opportunities for exercise and socialization for children who have already faced incredible trauma.”

“He manufactures fear of mainly Latino kids,” said State Rep. Rafael Anchía, D-Dallas. “He knows the danger of this irresponsible language because we lived it firsthand when El Paso families were gunned down because they were Hispanic.”

A statement from Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said, in part, “Immigration politics and policies are for Congress and the president to sort out. … The city manager made the decision to move forward, but this is entirely a federal operation that does not involve the use of city of Dallas personnel.”

Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, called Abbott’s “newfound concern” for migrant children surprising. “Children arriving alone at the border are incredibly vulnerable, deserve to be welcomed with dignity and quickly united with their family members in the United States as their legal case for asylum is adjudicated,” Castro said in an email. “That’s what FEMA, the Red Cross and HHS are working to achieve, including at the Dallas convention center site by providing urgently needed services under federal law.”


There is nothing humane in the president telling migrants to come to the border. The DHS secretary says come but wait a bit until we have everything in place for you. The Democrat-controlled Congress is busy trying to pass immigration “reform” that grants amnesty to all here illegally, as though illegal immigrants are entitled to remain in this country, no matter what the circumstances. Joe Biden refuses to admit his administration was caught unable to handle the crisis. Biden can’t even say the word ‘crisis’, he calls it a challenge. He should be returning to the Trump administration’s policies – the Remain in Mexico agreement being a first step to gaining control of the border situation.

Abbott is not afraid of Latino children, as the state representative claims. The governor is married to a Mexican-American woman, their only child is half-Latina. The charges of racism are completely unfounded, just a default Democrat talking point against a Republican. Abbott’s escalation into investigating the human trafficking angle to the crisis is necessary to get action from the administration.

He said troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers, will interview with unaccompanied young people they encounter crossing the border in an effort to determine whether they are trafficking victims.

Abbott also called on the president to do more to combat human trafficking.

“Americans deserve to know what the Biden administration is doing to investigate the surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the border and to protect those who are victims of human trafficking,” Abbott said.


Governor Abbott says 11,000 minors have been apprehended since the beginning of the year. Border crossings are at a two-year high. He wants the Biden administration to stop enticing minors into inhumane conditions. He wants the federal government to grant state troopers access to three federal facilities in Texas for minors so that they can be interviewed. Mexican drug cartels are the most likely culprits in moving people across the Rio Grande River. The border crisis is both a humanitarian crisis and a public health crisis, too, since migrants are crossing the border with the coronavirus.

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