Hillary trolls Trump on Twitter, #HangMikePence allowed to trend for hours

Conservatives are under attack on social media. To state the obvious, Trump supporters, in particular, find themselves staring at shrinking Twitter follower numbers and some of the more high profile supporters are even reporting that their Twitter accounts have been suspended or terminated. The most noteworthy is that of President Trump.

Trump found himself banned on Twitter after he tweeted that he will not be attending the inauguration of Joe Biden, though that was of no surprise to anyone. Hillary Clinton did what Hillary Clinton has been doing for the past four years – she trolled Trump after that action was taken. She used a tweet from June 2016 calling for him to delete his account and updated it with a checkmark. I am quite sure she celebrated.

On Saturday morning, after banning Trump on Friday, #HangMikePence was trending. Twitter allowed that to go on for hours before putting an end to it. It seems like that is a violation of Twitter rules against expressions of violence, yes? Yet, it was allowed to grow.

Twitter has been forced to step in and stop ‘Hang Mike Pence’ trending in the wake of the MAGA mob riot where Donald Trump supporters called for the Vice President’s execution and strung up a noose outside the Capitol. The phrase was heard at the Capitol coming from the insurrectionists during the attack.

The phrase was trending on the platform in the early hours of Saturday morning just hours after the social media giant permanently banned Trump citing risks of ‘further incitement to violence’. A screenshot shows that of 1.26am, over 14,400 Twitter users had used the phrase.

The trend came just one day after President Trump was banned indefinitely from Twitter for ‘glorifying’ and inciting violence.

Some Twitter users werre quick to point out the hypocrisy that ‘Hang Mike Pence’ was allowed to trend for ten hours while Trump and other conservatives have been removed from the platform.

‘WTF why is this allowed to trend?’ journalist Yashar Ali tweeted, adding that many social media users were quoting the mob rather than making threats toward Pence.

‘I get that people have been tweeting it to quote some of the insurrectionists but it shouldn’t be allowed to trend.’

All of this was in reaction to Pence’s refusal to do Trump’s bidding in overturning the electoral votes during the certification process. Pence did what he was supposed to do – he carried out his constitutional obligation and for that, Trump’s most ardent supporters decided he was the bad guy and must be punished, or even killed if we are to take the threat of hanging literally.

Pence and his family – his wife Karen and his daughter plus his brother Rep. Greg Pence – all hunkered down together in a safe place while the Capitol was under siege. They could hear the calls to hang him. And they could hear calls of “Where’s Mike Pence?”, too.

‘It was a common line being repeated. Many more were just talking about how the VP should be executed.’

Pictures from DC on Wednesday revealed that a noose was erected on a wooden frame on the West Front of the Capitol by the president’s mob.

Some of the crowd also made a noose from a camera cord after they attacked members of the media and destroyed thousands of dollars worth of equipment as journalists and TV crews tried to report on the chaos.

Axio has compiled a list of social media platforms that have banned Trump. The list is growing and that should concern everyone, regardless of the political party. The blatant power grab of leftist social media moguls against conservatives and Trump supporters in a dangerous path to forge. Every popular app you can think of has moved to silence Trump, even Pinterest. Pinterest? That one was a surprise to me so I checked out the website last night. I have an account there, though I haven’t been active on the site for a long time, and never noticed a political side of the site. It’s known for recipes and DIY projects and organizing lists of ideas, that sort of thing. There are political slogans and quotes to be found there from what I saw last night, including some pro-Trump messages, so I’m not exactly sure how that is going on Pinterest.

Here’s a question for @jack – how come Kathy Griffin’s second posting of a bloody head in Trump’s image is still up after she posted it on January 6? She was smacked down by Twitter the first time she pulled that stunt, clearly a call for Trump’s decapitation. Yet, it’s up now, as I write this.


Actress Kirstie Alley is a supporter of Trump but draws the line at the insurrection on Capitol Hill. She’s active on Twitter, sticking up for the president and for conservatives in general. She notes the hypocrisy and did so again this weekend. Why aren’t Democrats punished for their behavior. Oh. Wait.

She wonders when Biden will speak out against obvious partisan censorship. Don’t hold your breath, Kirstie.

In another tweet, Alley said that by allowing private businesses like Twitter to “discriminate against anyone they want because of politics then we are laying the groundwork for businesses to discriminate against race, gender, religion, sexual persuasion etc..GIANT STEP BACKWARDS.”

Kirstie Alley also, rightly, points out that the pendulum will swing and next time censorship may come for the leftist authoritarians.

The hypocrisy isn’t ending any time soon.