Girl Scouts of America congratulate Amy Coney Barrett and the angry mob went nuts

The angry mob came for the Girl Scouts of America Wednesday evening when the organization dared to post congratulations to Justice Amy Coney Barrett. The post should have been perfectly acceptable to everyone, as it was nonpartisan in nature. But, this is 2020, and even one tweet with the pictures of all five female Supreme Court justices causes the left to lose its mind. That, in turn, caused the right to respond.

The Girl Scouts deleted the tweet and Facebook post after the backlash from the angry left began. The post included ACB’s two Supreme Court colleagues, associate justices Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor; former associate justice Sandra Day O’Connor; and the late associate justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The caption read: “Congratulations Amy Coney Barrett on becoming the 5th woman appointed to the Supreme Court since its inception in 1789”. It ended with an emoji of raised hands.

That simple acknowledgment of a woman’s professional achievement was unacceptable to the left, bitterly angry that President Trump fulfilled his constitutional duty and filled the seat after the death of RBG. Conservative women are not to be praised, much less included among liberal women is a social media post, apparently. One of the first to criticize the Girl Scouts was a member of The Squad, Rep. Ayanna Pressley. She tweeted in response, “What kind of patch does one earn for uplifting a woman who is the antithesis of justice?”

An antithesis of justice? So much for supporting all women, right? Legal professionals from both sides of the aisle who have worked with Justice Barrett praise her but that isn’t good enough for social justice warriors who are quick to share hot takes on social media. One tweeter called herself a “life-time scout” who said she is “ashamed” of the GSA tweet. @IkeaClark, who seems to have made her account a private one after posting her response tweeted, “I already felt uneasy as a trans person in this organization, but now I really understand that with this message that Girl Scouts really does not support me or my trans/LGBTQ siblings,” she added.

Just in case anyone didn’t understand the left’s concern about abortion rights, a law professor tweeted out her opinion.

The GSA deleted the post and tried to appease the left by declaring themselves a non-political organization.

Conservatives were quick to point out that by the very act of deleting their congratulatory tweet, they were playing politics. The organization that exists to empower girls – all girls – decided to cave to liberal women and favor them over standing up for conservative women. It was an act of cowardice, not an act of empowerment. The lesson it teaches is that when people don’t agree with you, just yield to them and change your own opinion.

A HuffPo editorial director offers his hot take. Just because she “identifies as a woman” doesn’t mean she is a hero or something.

Noah Michelson, editorial director of HuffPost Personal, argued in a Facebook post that there was “no requirement that we celebrate someone as a hero to women simply because she identifies as a woman, especially when the thing she did was actually done for her by a gang of disgraceful goons and when she is poised to destroy the lives of so many people.”

The irony in the statement from GSA is that their original tweet was, in fact, non-partisan. The five women are from both political parties. To the eyes of non-political people, the tweet was a gracious acknowledgment of exceptional achievement by a woman. I guarantee you if a liberal woman had been placed on the Supreme Court, there would have been very little if any, negative response to such a tweet. Conservative women are accustomed to rising above such pettiness while liberal women are not as open-minded as they would have you believe.

The Girl Scouts organization has come under fire in recent years for moves to surrender to liberal agendas. Whether it is appeasing the LGBTQ agenda or blending Girl Scout troops with Boy Scout troops, the direction of the organization goes one way and that isn’t a conservative one. This sort of cowardice doesn’t reassure conservative parents that their daughter is welcome. What this action does tell conservative parents is that the same courtesy will not be extended to them as is extended to liberal parents. When decisions must be made, they will go with a liberal point of view. Conservative parents supported the organization’s original tweet. Even an opponent of ACB’s appointment recognized it was the right thing to do to support her.

Some commenters also offered praise for the post, with one woman on Facebook writing, “Girl Scouts, thank you for celebrating ALL women and showing us there is a place at the table for those with ALL different sorts of values. Practicing what you’re preaching, right here. It’s very nice to see.”

Another woman wrote, “I’m glad to see the organization support all women both liberal and conservative!”

One conservative woman pointed out that she didn’t “trash the Girl Scouts when I didn’t agree with things that were against my beliefs.”

“As much as I dislike this particular woman and deplore the political hypocrisy that allowed her to be in such respected company, GSUSA is completely right to recognize her,” the commenter wrote. “Well done. It could not have been easy.”

In 2013, GSA was quick to show support for Hillary Clinton and use her career as an example for girls.

From the GSA website, the mission of the organization has taken a decidedly political tone. There is nothing wrong with encouraging girls to participate in their communities and to understand what it means to be a good citizen. That has been a part of scouting from the early days. Community service projects and lessons on citizenship were standard during my days in scouting as a girl. I don’t, however, remember any kind of focus on a specific political agenda. My husband was a Boy Scout, and he participated in our son’s troop as a co-leader. Our son is an Eagle Scout and though he is well past his days in scouting, I also don’t remember any friction about politics within his troop. That is how it should be. Leaders can teach and encourage scouts without dragging in their own personal political agenda.

Deleting social media posts shows poor judgment on the part of the GSA. By continuing to show how woke the organization is in today’s world, they lose out on appealing to all girls. The organization is supposed to be an apolitical one. By saying it is a non-partisan organization, it doesn’t deliver the right message. For instance, leaders can teach about the importance of being a well-informed voter and exercising their right to vote without being biased about one candidate over another, or one party over the other. Girls need to know that all girls will be supported and empowered, otherwise, the talk about inclusiveness is just advertising, not reality. Role models must include both sides of the political aisle. The life story of ACB is one that should be celebrated by all girls. The GSA has not satisfied anyone as they try to please everyone. There is a lesson here that should be taken for future engagement in social media.