SNL season debut: Rapper compares KY AG Cameron to "sell-out negroes that sold our people into slavery"

The reviews are somewhat mixed on the debut show of Saturday Night Live’s 46th season. Conservative writers weren’t impressed while liberals were amused by some of the performances. The longer this show drags on, the more it is obvious that it is well past its expiration date.

I admit I am not a regular viewer of SNL and haven’t been for years. I remember how the show used to be in its first years when it was funny and entertaining before it became just another propaganda outlet for the DNC. The guest host was comedian Chris Rock and the musical guest was rapper Megan Thee Stallion. I didn’t watch the show but I read some reviews and have seen some video clips. The real newsmaker was the rapper’s use of the platform to vent about Breonna Taylor’s death. She incorporated a soundbite of a political rant aimed at Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron delivered by Women’s March co-founder Tamika Mallory into her song. Not only was the audiotape played but words appeared on the screen, too. Cheers and applause were heard.

‘The color of your hair, the color of your skin, the shape of your nose,’ the video began.

‘Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of you feet,’ the video said, quoting from a Malcolm X speech.

‘Daniel Cameron is no different from the sell out negros that sold our people into slavery,’ it continued.

Liberal black Americans have no patience with conservative black Americans. There is no room for a difference in political philosophy, everyone is expected to fall in line with Democrats who have taken their votes for granted for decades. So, Ms. Thee Stallion took her shot at Kentucky’s first black attorney general, a Republican. This was the singer’s first solo appearance on the show so she certainly made the most of it. The 25-year-old compared A.G.Cameron to “the sell-out negroes that sold our people into slavery”. Her message was about the “need to protect our black women”.

‘We need to protect our black women and love our black women because at the end of the day, we need our black women,’ she said.

‘We need to protect our black men and stand up for our black men because at the end of the day, we’re tired of seeing hashtags of our black men.’

The monologue was interrupted by the sound of gunshots, calling out the fatal shooting of Taylor in her own home on March 13 and possibly referencing Megan herself being shot in the foot after an argument with a friend during the summer.

This ugliness toward Cameron is inline with other criticism from the black community. He’s been called ‘race traitor’, ‘scum’ besides ‘sell-out’. It’s just another day ending with ‘y’ for him. Viewers posted their approval of the performance on social media.

‘I need that Protect Black Women graphic,’ one Twitter user named Tammi wrote.

‘I see @theestallion with the #ProtectBlackWomen message,’ said Atlantic writer Jemele Hill.

One user said that the rapper was ‘giving me chills right now with this performance’ as another called her ‘amazing’.

‘Megan thee Stallion is hosting a protest will performing Savage on SNL,’ said Twitter account Kefus Falls III.

The show was full of liberal bias, as is expected. Kate McKinnon, who has played Ruth Bader Ginsburg in past episodes paid tribute to the deceased Supreme Court justice.

The show paid tribute to Ginsburg, who passed away Sept. 18 from pancreatic cancer, by panning over to and zooming in on McKinnon in her costume, sitting in the front row of the audience for “Weekend Update.” Surrounded by masked audience members, McKinnon put her right hand on her chest and bowed her head slightly. The show then dissolved to a “rest in power” graphic before the commercial break.

Host Chris Rock couldn’t even resist a shot at President Trump as he battles the coronavirus. He noted that Trump has COVID-19 and said, “I feel sorry for the COVID.” Ugh. He also said that Joe Biden should be the last president ever because “we need a new system.” So, there’s that. No mention of exactly what the new system should be but we can guess. Liberals love authoritarianism. Everyone should just fall in line and do what they are told.

A “recalibrated and humanized” Kamala Harris was played by Maya Rudolph. “America needs a WAP: Woman-As-President. I’ll settle for HVPIC: Hot Vice President in Charge.” Does anyone think “hot” when they see Harris, other than her husband? Yikes. Alec Baldwin is back as President Trump and Jim Carrey is Joe Biden.

The show should have tread lightly as not to cross the line with the most powerful man on earth hospitalized with a life-threatening virus. But, no. It is more important at this time for SNL to be an in-kind donation to Team Biden.

Mention was made in this article of a show put together by a former SNL cast member for this political time – a puppet show dishing out political satire. I covered the show for MRC/NewsBusters when it aired last week.

FWIW, Robert Smigel — a former SNL cast member who overlapped with Fallon Hogan and Rock — recently debuted Let’s Be Real on FOX, an election-themed political satire with puppets. It’s bipartisan in its sharp, no-holds-barred digs at the current political landscape, and lands a lot of truth-y blows about both candidates. Just saying.

Hollywood loves to mock Christians, you know. Let’s Be Real did a whole skit about Mike Pence and his policy of not being alone with women. Karen Pence was brought into the mix, too, and portrayed as a shrill and vindictive wife. I’ll note that in the satirical show, Kamala was portrayed much more realistically. She wasn’t touted as hot but as more than eager to shove Biden out of the way to be president herself. That bit was amusing.

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