Biden hires top staffers in Texas, exploits anniversary of El Paso mass shooting

Team Biden announced the hiring of top staffers in Texas on Monday morning. Two Latinas will lead the effort to turn Texas blue in November. The Biden campaign insists its efforts are to be taken seriously, as they are going all-in to win the state’s 38 Electoral College votes.


A Democrat presidential candidate has not won Texas since Jimmy Carter in 1976. This is the year that all changes if you listen to Biden’s campaign. Biden’s campaign is excited because the polls show Trump and Biden within a point or two in most polls, depending on which day it is. As I write this on Monday morning, Trump squeaks past Biden by +0.2, according to Real Clear Politics. That’s alarming for Republican voters but even the most squishy of Trump voters don’t think Biden will win Texas in November. Biden doesn’t have the enthusiasm that Beto O’Rourke had during his race against Ted Cruz in 2018, though, so if Beto couldn’t win then, it’s not likely Biden will win in November. The campaign is holding on to hopes of a victory.

“We are quite serious about putting [Texas] in play,” Jenn Ridder, the campaign’s national states director, told CBS News. “Increasingly we are seeing polls that show that there is real opportunity there for us.”

Though the push in Democrat politics this cycle is for the advancement of Black women, this is Texas and Team Biden chose to pander to Latino voters. Two Latina women were chosen for their experience in Democrat politics in the state. The campaign also announced the name of its communication director and advisers.

Biden’s campaign announced that Rebecca Acuña will be his Texas State Director and Jennifer Longoria his Deputy State Director.

Acuña, who was raised in Laredo, has worked for three Texas State House members and was a press secretary for Wendy Davis during her 2014 run for governor.

Longoria, an Edinburg native who now works in San Antonio, was Texas Director for the Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign.

Biden has also announced former Texas Democratic Party communications director Tariq Thowfeek will serve as his communications director in Texas with 2018 former Lieutenant Governor candidate Mike Collier working as a senior adviser. Jane Hamilton, Biden Campaign’s Statewide Director during the primary, will be a strategic adviser.

Shekira Dennis, a Houston native, will be Biden’s Director of Coalitions.


An interesting point I heard Karl Rove make earlier today during an interview was about the Biden campaign bloviating about running ads in Texas. It turns out that they only spent $70,000. That’s a drop in the bucket for Texas political ad campaigns. Most of all, the Biden campaign just wants to get under the Trump campaign’s skin and stir things up. The earlier gesture was all for show.

Also on Monday morning, Team Biden released a video that exploits the first anniversary of the mass shooting in El Paso at a Walmart. Just as happened at the time of the horrific event at the hands of a mad man, Biden blames President Trump for the gunman’s actions. Just when you think politics can’t go much lower, it does.

You’ll note the part when Biden sanctimoniously says we must demonize no one. What he meant to say was demonize no one but President Trump and his supporters. Biden lays on the moral authority bit, too, which is enough to make anyone’s eyes roll to the back of their head, especially if you are old enough to remember Biden ended one past presidential run due to plagiarism charges and for years he claimed a drunk driver killed his wife and young daughter. It was a horrible car wreck but not at the hands of a drunk driver. And, he has fibbed about his college records, too, so, when you add everything up, he is far from the epitome of morality himself. He regularly exaggerates his involvement in civil rights and his own Senate record, too. How about those sweet deals he helped his son obtain in Ukraine and China while he was vice-president?


The campaign released videos to the media before the general public saw them. That’s standard for a campaign looking for publicity, which they all are.

“This anniversary is a moment to resummon the purpose we felt one year ago and to recommit to the battle for the soul of this nation—a battle against the forces of white supremacy that are part of the very foundations of our nation but which this president has encouraged and emboldened,” Biden says in one video, which the campaign provided to Newsweek ahead of its public release Monday.

Biden’s campaign also blames Trump’s rhetoric for problems in detaining illegal immigrants. Democrats never blame the illegal immigrants for breaking U.S. law in the first place and entering the country illegally. The open-borders crowd has convinced Biden to offer a “path to citizenship” (amnesty) for all illegal immigrants if he is elected.

“Trump set up in so many ways the hateful rhetoric that led to the massacre,” Biden senior advisor Cristobal Alex told Newsweek in an interview.

The Biden campaign argued that not only that Trump’s caustic approach to race led to the attack, but that El Paso has been in the crosshairs “since Donald Trump came down those escalators, when he attacked immigrants, when he attacked Mexicans,” Alex said. El Paso was the site of a detention center holding migrant children last summer that led to a march to end the detention of children a month before the shooting occurred. The hate crime which followed is now the biggest case in city history.


Remember, if Biden is elected, he promised he would put Beto O’Rourke in charge of any gun-grabbing initiatives he might put into place. Seems to me that Beto’s remarks that he is in favor of federal agents going door to door to take away guns is pretty inflammatory rhetoric. No measure of gun control is too extreme for O’Rourke and his wing of the Democrat Party. He’ll come along for the ride if Joe’s back in the White House. Now, that is scary.

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