Video: Kaepernick's attorney's PAC takes an ugly shot at Ivanka Trump

Video: Kaepernick's attorney's PAC takes an ugly shot at Ivanka Trump

A political action committee (PAC) recently formed by Colin Kaepernick’s attorney and his brothers released a video Friday that was meant to embarrass Ivanka Trump. Her crime? She is the daughter of President Trump and an unpaid adviser to the president. The brothers don’t like nepotism, you see.

Friday was not a great day for Ivanka Trump, though if she were any other member of the Trump administration (except her husband, Jared Kushner, perhaps) it would have been. President Trump signed an Executive Order that reforms and modernizes the federal hiring process. Instead of concentrating on hiring people with college degrees, the EO transforms the degree-based hiring with skills-based hiring. Ivanka Trump worked on this change and posted a video on Twitter touting the president signing the EO. That’s all standard stuff, right? Yes, except it’s Ivanka. The left went nuts, as they always do when Ivanka pops up.

President Trump’s Pledge to America’s Workers is all about jobs. It certainly comes at a timely moment as the country struggles with high unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

President Trump’s Pledge to America’s Workers has prompted more than 400 companies to commit career opportunities for more than 16 million American students and workers.

The President has worked to expand apprenticeship programs, helping more than 750,000 additional Americans gain hands-on training and experience with no student debt.

The Administration worked with Congress to reauthorize the Perkins CTE Act, providing more than $1 billion for States each year to fund vocational education programs.

President Trump issued a Presidential Memorandum prioritizing STEM Education to ensure that the American people have the skills necessary to succeed in the industries of the future.

As soon as the video was posted on Twitter, the nepotism slam against Ivanka took off. Ivanka Trump was labeled #NepotismBarbie. The charge is that Ivanka has her position thanks to her father. That’s true and nepotism isn’t usually the best way to go but in the case of Trump, he’s always included his children in his business ventures. He’s a businessman, not a politician, and tends to govern as such. In other words, when Trump brought Ivanka and Jared into the White House, it wasn’t a huge surprise. Neither draws a salary. Nonetheless, the left truly despises Ivanka, especially the lefty feminists who think she is “complicit” in her father’s evil-doing. It’s the same way they treat Melania. Yet, they were all perfectly fine with Hillary Clinton’s work in the Clinton administration, including trying to overhaul health insurance and the healthcare industry. And, of course, they all turned a blind eye to Bill’s abuse of women, including an intern.

So, with the success of the hashtag on Friday, a progressive PAC, MeidasTouch, piggybacked off it. They released a video and encouraged the hashtag #ByeIvanka. Well, no one said these guys were offering any sort of originality. The video responds to Ivanka’s claim that Trump has always been for the working man by showing video clips that prove Trump’s products are made overseas, not in America. It goes on to say that Trump created a booming economy for himself. And it ends by claiming that the Trumps are stealing from you. That part isn’t really explained but it’s dramatic, right? That’s what the PAC is going for.

HuffPo has the story on Meidas Touch and the video.

This video, the latest from the recently formed political action committee ― made up of lawyer Ben Meiselas, who represented former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, and his two brothers ― has garnered more than 1.2 million views on Twitter. Other ads released by the PAC this month have taken swipes at Trump’s botched response to the coronavirus pandemic and his violent rhetoric about anti-racism protesters.

To be clear, the EO doesn’t do away with the requirements of college degrees for some positions. It modernizes recruitment and hiring practices to look for specific skills and knowledge, not just a college degree or experience alone.

The order requires agencies to increase the use of skill assessments and interviews with subject matter experts to determine an applicant’s qualifications, rather than simply looking at educational achievements. Degree requirements will not go away entirely, and certain positions—such as those in medical, legal and certain technical fields—will still require advanced degrees. The goal of the order, Trump administration officials said on Friday, is to create a broader pool of potential federal employees and a more equitable hiring process.

In the world of Trump deranged critics, creating jobs during a time of high unemployment is bad because they think he is bad. And, since his daughter worked on the initiative, she must be punished, too. We live in incredibly stupid times.

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