Showdown at WSU: Ivanka Trump faces off against the woke mob

A commencement speech to the Class of 2020 at Wichita State University (WSU) and WSU Tech from Ivanka Trump has been canceled by the angry woke mob. Unlike some of Ivanka’s other public attacks, she is pushing back and speaking up against the action.


An associate professor of photo media at Wichita State University, Jennifer Ray, felt her hair burst into flames over the announcement that the daughter of President Trump, an unpaid adviser, would be delivering a commencement address. She is listed as an assistant professor of photography on the university’s website. Allegedly the opposition to Ivanka Trump speaking came in response to President Trump’s response to protesters of George Floyd’s death.

Let’s be honest. Ivanka was canceled because she is Trump’s daughter. I’m surprised that any higher learning institution would extend her an opportunity to speak to students. College campuses are incapable of offering any point of view but that of the far left. Any deviation from liberal groupthink is immediately halted, as we have seen repeatedly on college campuses when a conservative speaker accepts an invitation only to be run off the stage by an angry mob of students. Young socialists have no desire to hear an opposing point of view, though that is why they are supposed to be in college. A college education is supposed to teach young adults how to listen to both sides of an argument or issue and form their own opinions. Today’s college students have been spoon-fed whatever liberal talking point is popular that day and not encouraged to be curious about a differing point of view. Parents are paying tens of thousands of dollars for political propaganda masked as education.


Ivanka Trump isn’t a stranger to the university. She toured WSU Tech National Center for Aviation Training with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Senator Jerry Moran in 2019. WSU Tech president Utash was appointed by President Trump to the American Workforce Policy Advisory board in 2019. That board is co-chaired by Ivanka Trump. The cancellation of the commencement speech came from both WSU and WSU Tech.

The joint university statement, which posted online late Thursday night, said the school’s plans have “refocused more centrally on students” and that Trump will be replaced by nursing graduate Rebecca Zinabu.

“Earlier today, WSU Tech announced that Ivanka Trump, advisor to President Donald Trump, is a planned speaker at the college’s virtual commencement this weekend,” said the statement by Wichita State president Jay Golden and WSU Tech president Sheree Utash.

“The WSU Tech commencement plans have been refocused more centrally on students – student voices in particular. Rebecca Zinabu, WSU Tech practical nursing graduate, will now be the only commencement speaker during the ceremony.”

The cave came after Jennifer Ray wrote an open letter asking for the cancellation.

Pressure was on the Wichita State administration after Jennifer Ray, associate professor of photo media, authored a scathing open letter asking the university to cancel Trump. It circulated on social media quickly and had 487 signatures from concerned faculty, students, and alumni by 11 p.m.

In the letter, Ray wrote that she was “horrified and disgusted” that Trump had been invited to speak at the ceremony and that doing so sent the wrong message about the public university’s commitment to diversity.

“Ivanka Trump, obviously, represents her father’s administration as one of his closest advisors,” Ray wrote. “To many Americans, that administration has come to signify the worst of our country, particularly in its recent actions toward those peacefully protesting against racist police brutality. This is not about politics and policy; some of the sharpest critiques of President Trump’s actions come from prominent members of his own party, from figures like former Defense Secretary James Mattis and President George W. Bush.”


“This is not about politics and policy.” Really? Of course, it is. The bad Orange Man (and Republicans except for Never Trumpers) is a racist white supremacist in the eyes of college professors, therefore his daughter must be the same. Except, of course, that Ivanka Trump is not conservative or even Republican until only recently. She is doing the work Trump’s administration asks of her, without taking a paycheck. Liberals hate her for it.

WSU Tech President Utash noted that the cancellation was handled poorly. The graduation ceremony will be live-streamed and Ivanka’s recorded speech will be among the 30 speeches offered.

A separate statement by Utash later Thursday night offered further details about the decision. She acknowledged “the timing of the announcement was insensitive” and apologized.

The graduation ceremony will be live-streamed at 3 p.m. on the WSU Tech Facebook page and at The joint-statement said WSU Tech graduates will have the option to hear prerecorded congratulatory messages from more than 30 speakers.

Utash’s statement says a recorded speech by Ivanka Trump will be one of the options.

Ivanka Trump tweeted out her speech anyway, after chastising the university’s decision.


Senator Tom Cotton came to Ivanka’s defense and spoke to the angry liberal mob in an op-ed.

Tom Cotton sounds like a future presidential candidate, right? It’s good he spoke up for Ivanka. Whether you agree with the nepotism of her role in the Trump administration or not, she is doing her job and gets results, too. Liberal criticism is as it always is against a Republican administration. It is politics, whether the photography professor wants to say it out loud or not.

I’ll end with this little nugget. A television writer for Frazier felt the need to comment on the whiteness of Ivanka Trump, or something. He apparently doesn’t think she should release a short video that offers support and inspiration to Americans during these trying days because her life hasn’t been so hard, in his opinion. White liberal guilt is a hella drug.


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