Legend's celebrity wife trash tweets "wife bot" FLOTUS

Chrissy Teigen, the celebrity wife of singer John Legend, has been busy on Twitter during these days of hunkering down and waiting for the coronavirus to loosen its grip on everyday life. The foul-mouthed thirty-something model often posts hate-filled tweets about President Trump. A tweet thread Tuesday night tearing into First Lady Melania Trump went into the wee hours as she moved on to turn against First Daughter Ivanka.

Teigen and Legend were part of the Obama social circle during his eight years of inviting our betters from the entertainment world to the White House. Now that those days are over, they find other ways to capture headlines. Speaker Pelosi invites them to Democrat retreats to opine on the politics of the day. Sometimes the president responds to their appearances at town halls.

Legend’s wife doesn’t think that Melania Trump is doing anything about the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps it was the wine she was drinking, as seen in a photo, or maybe the ugliness was caused by her boredom at home. Who knows? Drunk or sober, her tweets are consistently angry against whatever has triggered her at the moment.

A tweet from earlier in her evening proved that Chrissy may have been a little inebriated when she tore into Melania. “Fuck im so drunk from the streams and I have a Skype therapy session in 20 mins,” she tweeted an hour before the Melania tweets, referencing livestreams she and John Legend were putting online while they were drinking wine.

Charming, right? What exactly is Melania Trump expected to be doing about the coronavirus? Social distancing means she can’t go out and visit children’s hospitals and schools as she normally does. She can’t be shown doing craft projects with school kids or holding a sick baby. She has tweeted out words of encouragement, as noted by CNN, who counted 10 tweets from her so far.

CNN went on to criticize Melania, of course, even as the story announced her participation in PSAs with members of Trump’s COVID-19 team of experts. The PSAs will address “important ways Americans can protect themselves and those most at risk”. CNN called her tweets “confusing”.

On Monday, the first lady announced in a statement that the annual Easter Egg Roll would be canceled. And Wednesday morning, the White House also confirmed the postponement an upcoming state dinner for the King and Queen of Spain next month.

On Tuesday, Melania Trump tweeted a call for spending time with family, as many Americans were settling in for early days of what could be a long period juggling work life and home life. However, she appeared to mix up what it means to “work” from home.

“Consider taking advantage of time working from home to connect with your loved ones via email or FaceTime, spend time w family, or work on your well-being by reading a book or spending time on a hobby,” tweeted the first lady, seemingly unaware that most of the millions of Americans working remotely are spending those days doing just that — working.

It was not until Wednesday that Trump sent her first social media post specifically about children and parents dealing with massive school cancellations across the nation, nearly five days after they first occurred.

“I know these can be trying times for parents & kids. I encourage students at all grade levels to continue their learning at home. Scholastic Learn At Home allows open access to daily learning,” she tweeted to her 13.3 million followers, adding a link to Scholastic’s programming.
Melania Trump’s platform — Be Best, which in May will mark its third anniversary — is centered around helping children, with one of its three pillars devoted to their health and emotional well-being.

Teigen mocks the Be Best initiative in her tweets. Now she knows that the First Lady will appear in PSAs, I assume addressing the needs of children. CNN and other anti-Trump networks regularly criticize the Be Best initiative, dismissing it as hypocritical because of President Trump’s manner of speaking, so it must sting a bit to report online that one expert on First Ladies says this is a perfect time to utilize the initiative.

Kate Andersen Brower, CNN contributor and author of “First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies,” said this is a moment of national unity, and nonpartisanship, which is where a first lady can shine.

“(The coronavirus pandemic) is an anxiety-producing situation we’re faced with and the first lady should see it as her job in this difficult time for the entire country to exude warmth, empathy, and to share helpful information with children and parents specifically in mind,” she said.

Later, after midnight, Teigen had something to say about First Daughter Ivanka Trump’s tweet suggesting something fun parents can do with bored kids at home. Teigen asked for COVID-19 tests. Then she critiqued the description of the brooms or something.

When a sister celeb posted a disturbing riff about COVID-19 and its victims on Instagram, however, Teigen was only too happy to come to her rescue on social media and defend her. She’s a forgiving person, you see. Except, of course, of people with political views not her own.


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David Strom 7:01 PM on June 06, 2023