Report: Last words Kirk Douglas told son: “Mike can get it done.”

Hollywood’s movers and shakers are taking a hard look at Michael Bloomberg and they are liking what they see. The billionaire candidate buying his way onto the debate stage and into the top tier of polls is capturing the imagination of those who dwell in the land of make-believe. Bloomberg is having a moment and the power players are here for it.

The power players are business people at heart. Imagine their horror that a socialist is leading the slate of Democrat candidates. As much as they despise President Trump, they rightly fear the rise in acceptance of socialism in the far left wing of the Democrat Party. They are looking for a business-friendly candidate willing and able to take the fight to Trump. So far, Bloomberg is looking good to them as an alternative to Sanders. There is a sense of relief that Bloomberg has hired a social media team, for instance, savvy enough to pack a punch to Trump in response to Trump’s tweets against “Mini Mike”.

“I’ve been really impressed lately in the quality and reach of Bloomberg’s social and transition media ads,” Ross Gerber, an L.A.-based investor whose clientele is heavily comprised of Hollywood, told TheWrap. “He seems to get what he needs to do to get voters behind him. People are super happy to have a non-socialist who is business-friendly running for the Democrats.”

The successful and wealthy in the entertainment industry aren’t stupid – they know we are experiencing a booming economy with President Trump at the helm. They are not going to vote for a socialist who would destroy the American economy. They want the economy to continue but they don’t want to vote for the guy who is heading up the policy decisions behind the economy.

“Of course people are relieved to have the option of Bloomberg,” said one former studio chief, confessing to liking the current flush economic climate. “I would not want to have to vote for Trump,” he said, but a Sanders candidacy would leave him little choice.

“If I had a wand and I could pick the nominee — it would be Bloomberg. It’s a no brainer,” said a Democratic donor who has not yet committed and declined to be identified. “He’ll be beholden to no one.”

Another studio chief said he was “glad to see he was in the game,” but still needed to know more.

They think that replacing one wealthy New York businessman with another wealthy New York businessman is the way to keep the economy thriving without Trump. They are wrong. The liberal bubble is coloring the actual policies that Bloomberg is putting forth. Bloomberg wants to be the Nanny-in-Chief for the nation, as he was the Mayor of the Nanny State in New York City. His support of climate change alarmism alone would cripple the energy independence of America as well as the national economy.

Bloomberg is particularly appealing to those entertainment insiders with roots in New York. Those people have almost a visceral dislike of Trump, while crediting Bloomberg with accomplishing important things when he was mayor from 2002 to 2013.

“I watched what he did for New York City, how he built an amazing administration,” veteran producer Jane Rosenthal (“The Irishman”) told The Hollywood Reporter in January. “He changed the way the city works, and I know he can do the same for the country.”

We know that Judge Judy was the first nationally-known public figure to endorse Bloomberg from the entertainment world. Bloomberg has since gotten the support of Sam Waterston and Ted Danson, former “Project Runway” star Tim Gunn and singer John Mellencamp. Actor Michael Douglas is a big fan of Bloomberg. He says he hasn’t been this excited for a candidate since JFK. Mellencamp likes the fact that a billionaire like Bloomberg can’t be bought. While Mellencamp isn’t the first to utter that hot take on the race, it’s ironic because it is one of the arguments Trump and his supporters gave in favor of his candidacy in the 2015 GOP primary.

Legendary actor Kirk Douglas, the now-deceased father of Michael, was really supportive of Bloomberg’s candidacy, too, if Michael Douglas is to be believed. As a matter of fact, Michael says that his father’s last words to him were Bloomberg’s campaign slogan: “Mike can get it done.” Am I the only one to think that is really strange? I understand the enthusiasm for a candidate, especially in a primary for the presidential election, but good heavens. Is a campaign slogan the last few words you want to utter to your child?

Douglas has been among Bloomberg’s most enthusiastic backers, even trekking to Madison, Wisconsin earlier this month to mark the opening of a campaign office. Douglas told Bloomberg supporters that some of the last words that his father Kirk said to him were, “Mike can get it done.”

Maybe Democrat politics was a subject of conversation the father and son bonded over, who knows? That quote just struck me as a real eye-opener. All eyes will be on Bloomberg Wednesday night as appears on debate stage for the first time with the other qualifying candidates. Will he win over more support from the business-savvy Hollywood crowd or will the less socialist candidates unite with Bernie Sanders and show Bloomberg to be another thin-skinned, narcissistic, wealthy old guy in the race? Pass the popcorn.