Fonda and sidekick Joaquin Phoenix bring Fire Drill Fridays to L.A.

Making good on her promise to take her environmental activism back to Los Angeles when she closed up shop in Washington, D.C., Jane Fonda and friends held a Fire Drill Fridays rally and march Friday. Her friends included actor Joaquin Phoenix who is creating headlines of his own recently for his outspoken climate alarmism. She is still wearing the red coat.

Fonda is back home in Los Angeles to film Netflix’s Grace and Frankie. She was arrested a few times in Washington, though not enough arrests to garner a longer than an overnight stay in jail because of her filming commitments. She had no such worry in L.A. No one was arrested when the climate change rally ended and protesters marched in downtown Los Angeles as an act of civil disobedience.

“In the beginning when I knew that I had to stop in D.C. because of starting [to film season 7 of] Grace and Frankie I was depressed, but then I started to meet with the activists here in California and realized this is the place to be,” Fonda told THR. “California is the fifth-largest economy in the world and it’s a major oil-producing state, so what happens here can affect not just the rest of the country, but the rest of the world.”

Joaquin Phoenix served as Fonda’s sidekick during the rally. He’s having a moment in the entertainment industry with his success in Joker so who better to help bring out the crowd and stir up some additional publicity, right? He’s a vegan and his thing is to scold everyone into changing over to a plant-based diet. Put down that burger and pick up a salad or maybe one of those faux burgers. Fonda praised him for “walking the talk” with his award season activism. You may remember that Joaquin was arrested just three weeks ago in D.C. during Jane Fonda’s rally.

Fonda hasn’t endorsed any of the Democrats running for president, yet, but she likes Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer, and Bernie Sanders for their climate change alarmism. She’s coming for Governor Newsom, too, with a few demands. She pushes extremist ideas that would bring California’s economy to a screeching halt, not to mention a less than comfortable quality of life for the state’s residents.

Among Fonda’s calls to action are to reduce by half fossil fuel emissions in the next 10 years and get California Governor Gavin Newsom to halt future fossil fuel projects and the creation of new wells.

Bringing the starry ground of attendees onto the stage, she added,”this is so important when celebrities are willing to use their platform to bring attention to the climate crisis so let’s give them a big round of applause. Take your pictures quick because I’m going to wave a wand and they’re going to disappear. I’m so grateful to all of you, my friends, for being here, thank you so much.”

Ok, the “starry ground” and “wave a wand” talk was just weird. Consider the source, though, because she often says nonsensical things.

Phoenix introduced a young climate activist who, like the young girl in India, claims she has been an environmental activist longer than world-famous Greta Thunberg. Fonda often credits Thunberg for inspiring her to become active in climate change activism. There is some real rivalry emerging by the lesser-known girls, which now includes Nalleli Cobo, a nineteen-year-old young woman in Los Angeles. Her appearance at Fonda’s rally brought about a profile piece written by the Los Angeles Times. She’s been an activist since she was nine years old, apparently. I’ll mention that Greta Thunberg began her climate alarmism at the age of eight and the Indian girl claims she began at age 5. There is something really creepy about such child exploitation, but here we are.

Cobo began protesting an AllenCo Energy oil site in her neighborhood. She blamed the oil company’s drilling site for the chemical smells in the air which made her sick. Her father’s non-profit advocated against the company. He allowed her to be a speaker for rallies against the oil company’s activities. The company shut down its operation but Cobo didn’t stop. She even appealed to Pope Francis to make sure the company didn’t open the site back up.

But Cobo didn’t stop fighting. At the age of 13, she appeared on a video calling on Pope Francis to help ensure that the AllenCo site, which is owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, is permanently shuttered.

She has testified at government hearings, met Al Gore and Bernie Sanders, and co-founded a group that sued Los Angeles over drilling in urban neighborhoods, accusing it of “rubber stamping” plans for petroleum extraction near homes and schools. She was a poster child — literally — for the global youth climate strike last year, her face emblazoned on one of its posters.

Joaquin calls her “our future president” and she told the crowd she’ll be on the ballot in 2036. She fits right in with the socialists running for president now. She, too, would like to see oil drilling as a thing of the past, something that students read about in textbooks and ponder how such a thing could have happened. She also shocked the crowd when she told them that she is facing a battle with cancer now. She didn’t get into specifics but she’ll be seeking treatment.

It was a shock to environmental activists when Cobo recently revealed that she had been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. Cobo told the crowd that it affected her reproductive system and that she wouldn’t be able to have children. The teen has taken a medical leave from school and is giving up the dance classes she loves, unable to keep up because of exhaustion.

“My doctors say they have no idea why I have this,” Cobo said in an interview. “We may never know.”

We can wish her well as she battles a different kind of enemy. No one deserves cancer.