That’s a wrap. The final Fire Drill Fridays protest is in the books. Actress and activist Jane Fonda has to get back to her real job in Los Angeles. The filming for Grace and Frankie, her Netflix series, is about to begin again. She ducked out on getting arrested with the other protesters as jail time would interfere with her filming schedule.

Most of Jane Fonda’s co-stars in Grace and Frankie have come to protest and support her. Co-star Sam Waterson has been arrested in two of the protests, Lily Tomlin was arrested last month, and this week Martin Sheen showed up to get himself arrested. Sheen is an old hand at protesting and getting arrested so I knew he would eventually show up. He waited for the grand finale.

Sheen launched into President Jed Bartlett mode (The West Wing) and his speech included a poem for the protesters. He read Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Where the Mind Is Without Fear”. He pandered to women, too. He’s their president, you know.

Sheen called Fonda “one of my heroes nearly all my adult life” and said that, “Clearly, the world will be saved by women. Thank God they outnumber is men.”

Actress June Diane Raphael who plays Fonda’s daughter came to her second Fonda-organized protest and dragged her very young son along.

A surprise guest, according to Fonda, was the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix. She said she didn’t invite him but he called and said he would be there. He spoke to the crowd, too. Fresh off his win at the Golden Globes award, he’s all about preaching to the choir of climate alarmists. He does put a touch of tough love into his lectures, though. He asked the celebrities to refrain from traveling in their private jets quite so much at the Golden Globes and during the protest Friday, he admitted he flew to D.C. but encouraged them to stop eating meat and dairy products. Apparently flying is still tolerated but burgers and milkshakes are out.

“Sometimes we wonder what can we do in this fight against climate change, and there is something that you can do today and tomorrow, by making a choice about what you consume,” Phoenix said. He said that “there are things I can’t avoid. I flew a plane here today, or last night rather, but one thing I can do is change my eating habits.”

While Jane and her civil disobedience aficionados were on the Capitol’s southeast lawn, others were occupying a Chase bank to protest the financing of pipelines and coal mines. Actress Susan Sarandon was among those protesters.

Jane Fonda plans to join in with Fire Drill Fridays protests in Los Angeles. Greenpeace is taking over organizing the weekly protests across the country, the organization’s spokesperson says.

Fonda plans to return to Los Angeles on Saturday to begin the final season of Grace and Frankie, but will participate in future protests being planned now for California. Greenpeace USA will help organize the demonstrations, with the first planned for Feb. 7 in Los Angeles, and continuing each month. Organizers say that Fonda then plans to continue full-time climate activism after Grace and Frankie wraps production in July.

This week 147 people were arrested. They were all charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding, as were the charges in previous weeks.

I’ll end with a reply to a tweet from the Sunrise Movement by Frank Luntz. He calls out a Twitter thread posted by the Sunrise Movement which spreads disinformation against the fossil fuel industry. The inconvenient truth for climate alarmists is that Big Oil and others in the energy sector have been working on developing alternative energy for years.