Alyssa Milano launches initiative to stop "the orange-haired guy"

Actress/activist Alyssa Milano is partnering with a group that helps grow progressive power in all levels of government. She made the announcement Friday. It is a “brilliant” new strategy to stop President Trump’s re-election if she does say so herself – and she does. Her initiative is called #2020Fund.

Milano is partnering with Movement Voter Project (MVP). The group, according to its website, “helps thousands of donors support hundreds of local groups in more than 40 states get out the vote, win on issues, and organize in their communities.” Milano is focusing on raising money to get out the vote in three swing states for the 2020 election – Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. MVP pledges to match donations, up to $1M, to hire staff, support volunteers, and canvass neighborhoods.

I’ve found a brilliant new strategy to stop Trump in three of the most critical 2020 swing states,” the actress wrote on the fund’s website. “These organizations empower youth, immigrants, women, people of color and communities facing the worst of Republicans’ horrible policies. They fight tirelessly on the issues and increase voter turnout.”

Donations to grassroots organizations can be made through the fund’s website. “This is the most compelling strategy I’ve heard to stop the orange-haired guy AND support local community heroes at the same time,” Milano wrote on the donations page of the website. “Please join me in supporting these awesome, underfunded local groups to save our country — from the grassroots up!”

The organizations in Michigan for which Milano will be raising money include Detroit Action, Michigan Liberation and Mothering Justice Action Fund. The Pennsylvania organizations for which she’s fundraising are 215 People’s Alliance, Pennsylvania Stands Up and Pennsylvania Student Power Network. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin-based organizations are Black Leaders Organizing Communities, Leaders Igniting Transformation Action Fund and Voces de la Frontera Action, Inc.

The push is to motivate young people and people of color to get out and vote against the bad Orange Man. Instead of endorsing a candidate in the Democrat primary, she is promoting a message of unity among Democrat voters so that the goal of preventing Trump’s re-election is met. As she bemoans the fact that Trump won in 2020 thanks to “just” 77,000 votes total in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, she is honest enough to admit, “and he could easily do it again.” Even Alyssa Milano knows that President Trump is very likely to win re-election, despite The Resistance’s best efforts over the last three years.

Milano has been busy this week attending the impeachment trial. The Washington Post interviewed her and just as other Hollywood celebrities and the media are swooning over Adam Schiff’s performances, so is Alyssa Milano. He is so compelling. She slammed Trump’s defense team but gosh, Schiff is so theatrical compared to the other House impeachment managers. It’s like watching a one-man show on Broadway.

It was intense. It was definitely intense. It felt historic — just being in that room alone, it was overwhelming. But also I think to be able to watch Congressman [and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam] Schiff speak, he was so compelling, and I think you could feel, especially yesterday [Wednesday] when he really laid out the constitutional crisis, you could see the Republican senators become a lot more engaged — sort of taking notes feverishly and really listening and hanging on every word, which was refreshing to me because I just expected everyone to be sort of disengaged.

The other thing was that I had a perfect vantage point of [Trump’s] defense team, and I was slightly appalled by the reactions that they were having, which no one is really talking about. They’re giggling at some points and scoffing when Congressman Schiff says certain things, and I thought it was disgraceful and such an outward symbol of how they just don’t take this process seriously. I think that showed a lot on that first day — the sort of arrogance to be unprepared. When Schiff was laying out his case for taking on Senator [Charles E.] Schumer’s amendments, you know, the defense would get up there and just say, “This is a scam!” And they had nothing. All they could do was attack weird parts of protocol. Not once did anyone say, “We will prove that Donald Trump did not commit impeachable offenses.” To me, it almost sounded like when a defense team has no real argument, so they go to a botched scene or something like that.

But I thought Schiff was really interesting, especially from a performer’s perspective. And you can see the difference between him and the other impeachment managers, how he is in his element when he gets into that zone of really conveying that narrative and a timeline. It felt like you were watching a one-man show on Broadway.

It will be a bitter pill to swallow for Ms. Milano and Schiff’s other Hollywood fans when they realize how turned off voters are in the three swing states she is targeting for 2020 with the impeachment circus. It’s not like a Broadway performance to them – it’s more like a Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus performance.