Panic: Elizabeth Warren begs for bucks from supporters

Elizabeth Warren is taking a page from the campaign fundraising playbooks of both Cory Booker and Julian Castro. She’s getting the word out to her supporters that her campaign is not raising the money she once raised. In other words, she is preparing them for some bad numbers as the quarterly reporting deadline is upon us.

December 31 is the deadline for the last quarterly reporting of the campaign year. While Warren has raised a substantial amount of money in the fourth quarter – $17 million – she is looking at a 30% decline in campaign contributions. That is quite a blow to Warren’s campaign. It sure looks like the predictions that her rising star has begun its descent are coming true. Friday the campaign sent out an email to sound the alarm – send money and do it quickly.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign told supporters in an email on Friday that, so far, it has raised just over $17 million in the fourth quarter, a significant drop from her fundraising haul during the third quarter.

The memo asks backers to step up giving to the campaign.

“So far this quarter, we’ve raised a little over $17 million. That’s a good chunk behind where we were at this time last quarter,” it says.

Last quarter her campaign raised $24.6 million, giving her the bragging rights of being nearly the highest fundraiser of the candidates, a close second to Bernie’s $25 million raised in the third quarter. Recent missteps may be taking a toll on Warren’s ability to pry open the wallets of her grassroots supporters.

The problem for Elizabeth Warren is that the more voters get to know her, the less appealing she is as a candidate. She is a habitual liar, or to put it gently, she embellishes her personal story as well as her general career. She also flip-flops on her campaign promises. Worst of all for a potential voter looking at a candidate, she’s a phony. That was exposed after her attack on Mayor Pete during the last Democrat debate. While she was randomly slamming him over a fundraiser in a wine cave, complete with glistening crystals – whom most of us didn’t even know existed – her own history of glitzy fundraisers was quickly exposed. She took money from Wall Street billionaires before she decided not to take their money. It makes her look like a hypocrite as she bashes the billionaires running against her now. As a matter of fact, three billionaires and three spouses of billionaires have contributed to her campaign. They don’t seem to mind the potential for their own tax increases due to her proposed wealth tax.

Three billionaires donated $2,800 each to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, federal filings show, in what may prove to be the worst financial investment of all time. If Warren gets elected and can implement her controversial wealth tax plan, the three tycoons—Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, venture capitalist Chris Sacca and cofounder of industrial conglomerate Danaher Steven Rales—would owe a collective $430 million a year.

Still, the billionaires may not mind. “Very lucky guy here (who got rich in part thanks to public schools, access to health care, etc.),” Sacca tweeted about himself in January, when Warren first announced her plan to create a wealth tax. “Weighing in to say that [Warren’s] proposal to put a 2-3% annual tax on wealth over $50 million is extremely and radically… reasonable.”

“Details will be everything,” he added. “Not everyone who is rich is liquid and able to pay cash. Asset valuation is hard. Ownership can be murky. There will be workarounds. And so on. But, the idea of a very modest tax (below expected yields) on accumulating assets, is interesting.” Rales and Newmark did not respond to requests for comment.

She has famously flipped on her position of Medicare for All – she was for it before unions and other Americans who like their insurance coverage pushed back on her desire to take all that away from them. Now she tempers her language.

We know about her phony claim to be a native American and the DNA test that proved she has no American Indian blood. Now there’s a story that her brother is angry that she continues to call their father a janitor when he was really a maintenance man – a distinction he wishes to continue. In her earlier political career, she referred to him as a maintenance man but when she began running for president, she changed her description to a janitor. Obviously she is making the distinction to allow his career to sound more working man-ish, but still. We think of a janitor as someone with a mop in his hands while a maintenance man can be responsible for anything from janitorial duties to electrical repairs.

Perhaps voters are growing tired of her. She rose to the top in the polls and at one point was virtually tied with Biden in national polling. She has slipped to third place now nationally, according to Real Clear Politics. She’s fallen to fourth place in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Her competition in the socialist lane, Bernie Sanders, however, is on the rise again. We’ll see soon how well her last-minute pleading for contributions worked.