Back to the future: Hillary's recycled Christmas photo lands in a tweet

The Democrats running for their party’s nomination for president remembered to wish potential voters a Merry Christmas on Twitter. Well, most of them (or their staff) did. For the most part, the messages were standard good wishes for a happy holiday with family and friends. Some couldn’t resist the temptation to offer up a political message, too.


The oddest greeting I noticed as I checked out the Twitter accounts of each Democrat candidate was the one from an alleged non-candidate – Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton posted a generic kind of tweet – “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”, which was fine. There isn’t anything offensive there. Then I looked at the accompanying photograph of her and Bill and it was as though I had been transported back in 1996. The photo has to be from their time in the White House, a couple of decades ago.

What would be the reason for that? It was odd and makes her look delusional. Maybe it was just a bit of nostalgia from her, remembering the days of her co-presidency and lamenting that she never clinched the top job herself. I had to fight the urge to think, “She’s running” as I looked at it, though. Is she really listening to the voices in her head that she should jump into the Democrat primary because, you know, a third time may be the charm? It definitely gave me the impression that she’s waiting in the wings. Who knows. It may turn out to be just the normal craziness we have come to expect from Hillary Clinton.

Joe Biden posted a photo of himself with some of his family. Well, most of his family, anyway. See if you can “hunt” for the missing family member:


Later in the day, he posted a short video of his dogs, Major and Champ, and it included a reminder to contribute to his campaign.

Michael Bennet, a candidate most of us forget is still running, is also surrounded by his wife and daughters.

There isn’t any mention of Christmas on Elizabeth Warren’s Twitter account. It separates her from the pack. Hers isn’t exactly a warm and fuzzy personality, so she missed an opportunity to at least do a basic acknowledgment of the holiday. She could have included her dog, Bailey, which everyone loves.

Pete Buttigieg went political in his message. Not only did he take a shot at President Trump’s refugee policy but he used a standard trope in doing so. Taking a page out of the Washington Post’s playbook, as Jazz wrote about yesterday, he refers to Joseph and Mary as refugees. It’s a silly thing the left does these days and Mayor Pete did it in his Christmas message.


He has several posts that are Christmas-themed. He thanked the military in one tweet, his husband posted a tweet of their dog playing with a new toy, and there is a pinned tweet with blanket good wishes for everyone celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa from the campaign.

John Delaney, the guy who has been running the longest and no one remembers, has several tweets. All of them are good and his pinned tweet is a Bible verse that ends with a simple Merry Christmas. His tweets may be my favorite.

Also in contention for my favorite is Andrew Yang’s tweet. He has a couple of tweets that any family can relate to with his young boys.

Bernie Sanders has three tweets about the Christmas season. He addresses the busy season for postal workers and promises not to privatize the Postal Service, he says millions of illegal aliens shouldn’t be worrying about deportation during the holiday season and pitches a renewal of DACA and amnesty, and then his last tweet is a basic wish for a peaceful and Merry Christmas from him and his wife, Jane.


Julian Castro also tweeted about illegal immigration. He used a photo of a soldier in uniform saying goodbye to his mother who is being deported. He also posted a tweet from his “family” – Team Castro. I didn’t see any tweets of him and his real family, though.

Mike Bloomberg used a bilingual touch in his tweet. Of course, he did. One commenter thanked the prison labor. Ouch!

Amy Klobuchar has a nice tweet and it includes a bonus snowglobe.

Tom Steyer’s tweet was short and to the point. “Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone a joyous holiday.”

Tulsi Gabbard wraps up this round-up of Democrats and their Christmas tweets. Hers are heavy on music, which is interesting. She tweets about caroling and there is one tweet showing her in the backseat of a car en route to Christmas Eve mass in South Carolina.


So, now that I’ve overloaded you with Democrats, I’ll end with this from President Trump and Melania. It’s the best one overall, anyway.

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