Bias: Bloomberg News not investigating Bloomberg, Democrat candidates

When I first saw this story, I had to re-read the headline to make sure I read it correctly. A major news outlet’s editor-in-chief sent out a memo stating that there would be no investigations into 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg or any of his fellow Democrat competitors. Candidate Trump, however, is a different story.

Bloomberg News has a “tradition” of not investigating its founder. Bloomberg is an 89% shareholder in Bloomberg LP, a financial software company that owns Bloomberg News. Now that Bloomberg has officially tossed his hat in the ring, a decision was made to treat all of the other Democrats running for the presidential nomination the same. If this isn’t blatant confirmation of a distinct bias in reporting, I don’t know what is.

Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait says the outlet will cover all of the campaigns by publishing polls, interviews, and tracking them. A reporter has been assigned to Bloomberg’s campaign. All bets are off when it comes to President Trump’s campaign, though. At least for the time being. Micklethwait said if on the unlikely chance (my words, not his) Bloomberg secures the party’s nomination and runs against Trump in 2020, then the news outlet will “reassess how to do that.” The one action Micklethwait is taking is suspending the opinion board for as long as Bloomberg’s campaign lasts.

Bloomberg is also suspending the board responsible for Bloomberg Opinion, “The place where Mike has had the most contact with Editorial,” wrote Micklethwait.

He said David Shipley, Tim O’Brien and some members of the board responsible for those editorials will take a leave of absence to join Bloomberg’s campaign.

O’Brien has a history with Trump himself. He published a book titled “TrumpNation” in the early 2000′s, where he claimed Trump was not a billionaire. Trump sued O’Brien soon after the book was released but the case was later dismissed.

Columnists will continue on as usual and some outside op-eds will be published, but not op-eds on the election. The Big Boss, Bloomberg, distributed his own memo letting everyone know he is stepping away from running the joint until all this campaign stuff is over. He’s delegating the duties to a management committee.

“This is not the first time I’ve stepped away to run for office. And like the last time, we have put in place an outstanding leadership team to take the reins.”

Bloomberg is the ultimate bureaucrat with a dream of running a nanny state. In Bloomberg’s America, there are no giant cups of soft drinks, no fast food, and certainly no freedom of gun ownership. He is Big Daddy who rations out privileges to those under his thumb. Look no further than the company’s policy that Bloomberg is treated with kid gloves on the investigation front. Now his comrades on the left will benefit from this special treatment. Trump is on the wrong side so there is no special treatment for him.

It’s not as though there are not investigative reporters working for Bloomberg News. We all remember one reporter with Bloomberg Law, in particular, with an apparent vengeance for President Trump’s nominees to the Department of Labor. It took many days for the outlet to get the real story straight after destroying a smooth start for Houstonian Leif Olson with the DOL.

Former Bloomberg Washington D.C. bureau chief Megan Murphy stepped forward on Twitter to criticize this outlandish corporate decision.

“It is truly staggering that *any* editor would put their name on a memo that bars an army of unbelievably talented reporters and editors from covering massive, crucial aspects of one of the defining elections of our time. Staggering,” Murphy wrote.

“Honestly these poor, poor people. Ridiculous,” Murphy wrote to caption Micklethwait’s memo. “This is not journalism.”

Murphy then wrote that she made it “very clear” that she would have quit if a similar memo was distributed when Bloomberg flirted with running in 2016, while she was still running the Washington bureau.

This level of entitlement will not fly with the socialist wing of the Democrat Party, which seems to grow daily. If they wanted a bored billionaire to support, they already had Tom Steyer. There is really nothing special that Bloomberg has to offer, other than making a grand gesture that he will not accept campaign donations – he will self-fund his campaign. The rest of the Democrats are busy trashing successful businessmen and women while Bloomberg is shoving his success in the faces of the voters. What a wild ride this year has been and the first primary/caucus voting doesn’t even start until February.