Kamala Harris in CA: "We’ve got a criminal living in the White House"

Do tell, Senator Harris. What exactly are these crimes of which you speak that President Trump has committed? Kamala Harris joined many of the other 2020 Democrat hopefuls in California over the weekend for the California Democrat Party’s Fall Endorsing Convention. Her declaration that “we’ve got a criminal living in the White House” was part of a hyperbolic speech delivered to convention attendees.

Yesterday I wrote about House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s remarks at the convention. He labeled President Trump as a “charlatan”, so Harris’s use of the word “criminal” falls along the same lines. The people who are the first to complain about incivility in politics are not hesitant to add their own part to the ugliness. Harris is getting a bit desperate and the tension is showing. Asked by the press about her failing campaign, she denied her inevitable exit from the race.

“I am very supportive of my campaign, of the people who are working on it,’’ she told reporters at the California Democratic convention after her appearance at a live Univision presidential forum here Saturday. “They’ve done great work which has gotten us to the point where we are today.“

“And let’s be clear,’’ she added. “We have to focus on the real issues in front of us. We’ve got an impeachment hearing going on, we’ve got a criminal living in the White House, we’ve got immigrants who are afraid of leaving their homes. We’ve got the 2020 census coming up. … That’s where my head is focused.”

Kamala hasn’t been able to get above 3% in any of the recent polls and there are now reports of internal strife in her campaign. There’s talk that a new campaign manager may be in order.

And now Harris may be facing another problem: A second report Friday described internal strife at Harris’ Baltimore campaign headquarters, with several aides calling for campaign manager Juan Rodriguez’s resignation following his late October decision to lay off field staffers in several states and dedicate Harris’ already dwindling campaign war chest to a seven-figure TV ad campaign before the February Iowa caucus.

Rodriguez said in an Oct. 30 campaign memo obtained by Fox News that several dozen people would be laid off at the campaign’s Baltimore headquarters — as would volunteers in New Hampshire, Nevada, and California — in an effort to go “all-in” in Iowa. He also said the campaign aimed to dedicate $1 million to a media campaign in the weeks before the Feb. 3 caucus, a figure now considered unlikely given Harris’ lackluster funding.

Three additional staff members were laid off and another quit in recent days at Harris’ campaign headquarters in Baltimore, unnamed aides told Politico on Friday. They said several aides have approached campaign chair Maya Harris, the candidate’s sister, to force Rodriguez to step down, claiming his failed leadership is responsible for the campaign’s recent troubles.

Calls for a new campaign manager might make sense if there was hope that the campaign is viable. This campaign isn’t viable. She was once the darling of the press and Democrats hoping that a black Democrat woman could succeed where Hillary didn’t – become the first woman president. Reporters fawned over her and female reporters even did stories about going shopping with Kamala. Yes, it was that nonsensical but then reality bit and Kamala never really rose to the occasion. It turns out, she’s just not likable. That sounds petty but the truth is, voters have to like a candidate to vote for her or him. She’s busy rocking out to her favorite playlists and dancing in second-line parades but no one buys the schtick. And that laugh of hers alone is enough to turn off voters.

Kamala isn’t even doing very well in her home state – a state she represents as a U.S. Senator. Currently, Elizabeth Warren leads in California polling. The campaign is wrought with a lack of focus and “No discipline. No plan. No strategy,” according to one official. So far no one wants to risk her ire and tell her it’s time to shut the campaign down. One Democrat strategist suggests Kamala center her campaign around gun violence and take advantage of a recent mass shooting in the state. Hmm. Where have we heard that campaign strategy before? How did it work out for Robert Francis O’Rourke’s flailing campaign when he tried that strategy?

Labor organizer Erin Lehane said Harris, who has been effective in recent days with her impassioned reaction in the wake of the Santa Clarita mass shooting, “needs to ride it back to DC and say — I’m not leaving until comprehensive gun laws area a reality…she should be saying that now that this has happened in my home state, this is where I’m going to be.’’

The only real good news coming out of the California Democrat convention for Harris was the endorsement announced by the United Farm Workers (UFW). The campaign hopes this will jump-start her campaign.

Harris received the endorsement of the United Farm Workers (UFW), a California-based group that was established by liberal icons Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, among others, and has longstanding ties to progressive politics. The union represents more than 10,000 agricultural workers across the West Coast.

Democrat candidates treasure labor union endorsements. In 2020, the hope is that working-class Americans will flip back to voting for the Democrat nominee instead of President Trump, for whom many union members voted in 2016. With the success of the economy and stock market under this administration, though, it is hard to see that happening in any great numbers.

Someone is going to have to gather up some courage and tell Kamala Harris that this is not her time. Her past record as Attorney General in California and as District Attorney in San Francisco turns off the social justice crowd and her other ideas about health insurance – abolishing private insurance – will never fly with working people who get insurance through their employers. Union members don’t want her messing with their health insurance, either. Other issues like education reforms and open borders are the same as most of the other candidates. She doesn’t distinguish herself. She wants to hang in there until after Iowa and New Hampshire to see how she fares in the two first states. We’ll see if she makes it that long.