Unhinged Biden snaps at reporter: "Focus on this man"

Joe Biden did it again. Remember when Biden was surrounded by reporters in Iowa and FNC’s Peter Doocy asked about the Ukrainian corruption story? Biden shoved his finger in Doocy’s face and demanded that he “ask the right question”? Well, it’s happened again.

This time it was during a press conference in Los Angeles. Biden appeared at the Service Employees International Union forum Friday and took questions from reporters. Naturally, the topic of the Biden family’s alleged corruption in Ukraine came up. Joe Biden showed a flash of anger when he was asked, “How was your role as vice president in charge of policy in Ukraine and your son’s job in Ukraine, how is that not a conflict of interest?” He deflected and boldly, unashamedly answered, “It’s not a conflict of interest. There’s been no indication of any conflict of interest from Ukraine or anywhere else. Period. I’m not going to respond to that!”

He’s not going to respond to that. The arrogance is astounding.

Finger jabbing, angry voiced Biden tells the reporter to, well, ask the right question. There’s nothing here, just move along from this story about Ukrainian corruption and his son’s sweet deal. Biden is the King of Swamp Creatures, after 40 plus years in Washington, D.C. and he thinks it is perfectly legit to tell a reporter which question to ask. There is the additional whiff of desperation that creeps into Biden’s response, too. He’s on his way out of the race whether he is ready to admit it or not.

For Biden to say that there is no conflict of interest is laughable. If Hunter Biden’s last name was any other name, he would not have been given a seat on the board of Burisma. It is completely reasonable to ask about how his son happened to get such an opportunity in Ukraine, especially since Biden, in his role as Vice-President was the point man from the Obama administration in dealings with the country. This isn’t rocket science. The elder Biden just thought he wouldn’t be held accountable for his son’s actions. It’s business as usual in the swamp.

Biden wants to deflect to President Trump. He usually gets away with that, too, because the press treats him delicately, to put it mildly. Biden is suppose to be the safe choice to beat Trump in 2020 and his name is already well-known. So, he points at Trump and says, hey, he’s the bad guy. Orange Man bad.

“This is the guy that’s unhinged,” Biden said about the president. “He is unhinged. I worry about what he’s going to do — not about me or my family. I’m worried about what he’ll do in the next year in the presidency, as this thing continues to rot on his watch.”

“The American people know me, and they know him,” he added.

Biden’s campaign is floundering. He is a really bad candidate, much like a 2.0 version of Hillary’s 2016 campaign. He’s protected by his staff and only participates in the safest of campaign events. His campaign schedule is extremely light, especially in comparison to Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, also both in their 70s. Warren also has a day job as a U.S. Senator. The problem for Biden now is that his own party may be his undoing. Democrats are behind the push to investigate all things Ukraine and the Biden family is caught up in that. The Ukraine investigations will take out Biden but not Trump, as everything stands now.

Elizabeth Warren is ahead of Biden in some polling now. As I write this, she is ahead in Iowa by 2.7% in the RCP averaging. With Bernie’s health scare and the eventual admitting that it was, in fact, a heart attack that he suffered, the battle between him and Warren for the far left vote may result in Warren advancing more quickly. If Bernie’s voters get spooked about his health, they will go to Warren.

Biden is not only looking frail physically and mentally but he does a weird kind of macho-signaling that makes him look weak. He says things like he’ll beat Trump like a drum or he’d take Trump behind the gym and “beat the hell out of him”.

Adding problematic actions by his son to an already uninspiring campaign is causing Biden to lash out. It’s not a good look. He looks just as entitled as Hillary did in 2016. Instead of continuing to sound like an authoritarian old man past his prime, he should be looking for an off-ramp. He can leave the primary race quite authentically by saying he needs more time with the family. In this case it is a legit reason.

Biden’s fundraising isn’t the best, either. He fundraises behind closed doors and is dependent on big money contributors. His campaign is not a grassroots movement. He raised $15.2 million in the third quarter of the year. That falls short compared to the money raised by Warren, Sanders and Buttigieg.

The third quarter of the year, which spans from July to the end of September, is typically the slowest of the year, but Biden was outflanked by at least two opponents.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., tapped his small-dollar fundraising army for an impressive $25.3 million haul in the quarter, while Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, who has become a darling of the left-leaning donor class, posted a $19.1 million haul.

Elizabeth Warren continues to be strong in fundraising. She raised $24.6 million, just behind Bernie. Look for Buttigieg to rise as Biden falls. I think he will be the safe alternative to the more radical leftists. He will fill the Biden slot left open when he leaves the race.