Arby's trolls Mark Sanford with humor to set record straight

All those fast-food commercials can get confusing after a while. At least it seems to be the case for GOP presidential candidate Mark Sanford. He confused Arby’s with Wendy’s this week and Arby’s corrected him in the most delicious way.

Standing outside an Arby’s restaurant in Iowa with a note pad and sandwich in his hands, Sanford launched into his grievances held against President Trump – where’s the wall he promised? What about eliminating the debt? The premise is that Trump hasn’t fulfilled his campaign promises. He asked, “Where’s the beef?” Oops.

Arby’s official Twitter account responded in the perfect way, with humor and gently reminding Sanford that he had the wrong fast-food chain with that famous question.

Arby’s slogan is “We have the meats.” The other slogan was used by Wendy’s back in the 1980s. The chain admitted it had “a lot of fun with this Tweet.” As crazy and contentious as this week has been with the impeachmentpalooza in Washington, this is a fun way to show that disputes can be handled with good humor.

The Sanford campaign responded. No, really. They justified the error instead of owning it. Why did they have to admit it was a deliberate faux-pas? It looks better for Sanford if the blunder is unintentional. It is pretty ballsy to stand in the parking lot of one fast-food chain’s restaurant and deliver an old slogan used by another fast-food chain. It makes no sense. Sanford’s campaign makes no sense, either, so this is where we are.

In a statement obtained by Fox News, a spokesperson for Sanford said the governor did not mean to insult the fast-food chain.

“The Governor stands by his belief in the amount of roast beef found in his beloved half-pound Beef ’N Cheddar from Arby’s. Arby’s should take the compliment! As you may know, the Beef ’N Cheddar combines a heavy layer of cheddar cheese sauce, roast beef and his own application of Arby’s sauce to make for one of the Governor’s favorite food sources. Though he means no disrespect to some of his other favorites found at Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell.”

“…one of the Governor’s favorite food sources.” This is how politicians speak. The pandering put into mentioning all the ingredients of the sandwich is interesting and then the shout-out to all the other fast-food franchises the governor enjoys is classic establishment politician. Good heavens. Think of the other franchises he left out who now think, hey, what about us? That is what happens when we go down that road.

Mark Sanford is running a vanity campaign with the goal of taking some revenge against President Trump for his role in Sanford’s failed re-election bid. The ineptness of Sanford allowed a Democrat to win that Republican seat in South Carolina. Sanford insists he is running to spotlight his pet causes – mostly fiscal responsibility and the national debt – but he comes off whiny and misses the mark. The flub at Arby’s is a perfect example of the candidate’s flawed approach.

South Carolina canceled the state’s GOP primary. Sanford should cancel his half-hearted campaign and find something else to do. I hear he enjoys hiking.

Addendum (Ed): Who told Sanford that recycling old Walter Mondale campaign lines would be a great idea for a 2020 GOP primary fight?

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