Kellyanne: "I'm taking one for the team here...", fights committee subpoena

Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to President Trump, gave a long interview to Fox News Tuesday morning. She came in hot and didn’t slow down long enough to cool off. The interview stretched to seven and a half minutes.


Talking to FNC anchors Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith, not only did Kellyanne directly respond to the press conference given by AOC’s Squad Monday afternoon but she also went into policy initiatives, her time working with President Trump, her visit to the southern border last week, the congressional subpoena she received, and her husband’s op-ed calling President Trump a racist. Whew.

Conway took a hard pass on appearing before the House Oversight Committee Monday on allegations she violated the Hatch Act. Not because she wanted to ignore the subpoena to appear, you see, but because it’s a well-established precedent for senior advisers to presidents, from both parties, to be immune to such subpoenas.

A report from a special counsel found in June that Conway violated the Hatch Act by “disparaging Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media,” and recommended she be fired.

Conway said Democrats are “trying to harass and embarrass people closest to the president,” claiming there is a “longstanding bipartisan precedent” that immunity can be claimed by a president’s senior advisers.

“This is about me going on TV and stating facts,” she said.


She said she is just doing her job. “I’m taking one for the team.” She’s also said she has done nothing wrong.

On the president’s tweets about Americans going back to their countries, aimed at the Squad, Conway let it rip. She noted that the four women at that press conference Monday afternoon – AOC and Reps. Tlaib, Pressley, and Omar – were the only members of the House to vote against the emergency funding for the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. “They have no moral authority to ever talk about the border and the kids and the humanitarian crisis there.” She mentioned that she visited the border last week and was told the additional funding is already helping there.

The usual cries of racism about President Trump from the far left ideologues are “getting tired”, she said. It is not just the Squad, either, that is tiresome. It is also all those who disrespect the American flag by not reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or taking a knee, and those who tear down the American flag in protest only to replace it with a Mexican flag.

“It’s always racism, sexism and xenophobia and it’s getting tired,” said Conway, adding the so-called “Squad” has “done squat in Congress.”

She said the White House is tired of the “disrespect” shown to America by some on the left, including those who don’t respect the military or the flag. Conway claimed the media refuses to call out the progressive members for their extreme views.

“Where is the press? Stop falling down on the job. Stop being so afraid of and so adoring of four people who got here a few months ago,” said Conway.


Conway asked a question that many Americans ask – “Why the hell can’t we call out anti-Semitism?” – of the Democrats. “We are sick and tired of many people.”

Kellyanne is right about Trump’s critics being tiresome. It’s their right to exert their freedom of speech but it does get old. They make their attacks personal instead of offering solutions. Trump isn’t going to stop punching back when they go personal over a policy decision. Calling President Trump and ICE, as well as Border Patrol agents “racist” because they don’t agree with immigration laws and policy only adds fuel to the Twitter wars. The anti-Semitic tweets and remarks disqualify them from complaining about anyone else’s behavior. She said she has worked at the side of the president for three years and doesn’t see him as a racist.

Asked about her husband’s op-ed in the Washington Post declaring Trump as a racist, she said, “I totally disagree”.

“I work with this president. I know his heart, I know his actions, I know how much he has helped people of color and I go by what people do, not by what other people say about them,” she argued, downplaying the difference of opinion with her spouse.


George Conway’s Twitter feed includes a retweet of an op-ed from my city paper’s liberal editorial board.

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