Hollywood fundraiser announced for Kamala... during Democrat debate

Timing is everything. After Kamala Harris delivered one of her most memorable lines from the Democrat debate Thursday night (she had two of them and both involved Joe Biden) an email went out to her Hollywood supporters inviting them to a fundraiser. The line was “America does not want … a food fight. They want to know how we’re going to put food on their table.” This happened only about half-way through the debate.

Never mind the fact that the line is a wrong-headed Marxist-style way of thinking. Americans do not look to the government, or the president specifically, to put food on a household’s table. Let’s acknowledge that it was quite a convenient bit of timing. It certainly adds to the speculation that her zinger was a part of a well-coordinated plan. If you watched the debate, you know that Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell went back and forth about the need for a new generation of leadership and most of the other candidates jumped into the fray. As the audience cheered Kamala’s act of mediation, Team Kamala took advantage of the moment. The emails were sent.

The former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, John B. Emerson, and his wife, Kimberly Marteau Emerson, will host the evening reception for Kamala Harris For the People in their Los Angeles home. The price to attend is a donation of $1,000 for supporter status or $2,800 for sponsor level.

A group of co-hosts that you’ve never heard of is a part of the event, including another former ambassador, Crystal Nix-Hines. Nix-Hines was the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations during the Obama administration. But, here’s a name you probably know – Lynda Carter. That’s right. Wonder Woman will be there. Carter is a liberal and longtime Clinton friend.

Hollywood likes Kamala. They really, really do. During the first quarter, she led the other candidates in donations from Hollywood movers and shakers. That may have changed, though, with the entrance of Joe Biden into the race. We’ll know more when the FEC reports for the second quarter are released. Pete Buttigieg, another candidate that entered the race late, is also popular in Hollywood. He has postponed some fundraisers, though, due to obligations he has in his day job as Mayor of South Bend.

That dynamic might have changed when Biden joined the race on April 25 – after the FEC’s latest reporting deadline. The former vice president reportedly raised more than $700,000 at a May 8 Hollywood fundraiser – money that hasn’t shown up yet in the latest FEC reports. The fundraiser was attended by such luminaries as DreamWorks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, producer and executive Peter Chernin, actor-filmmaker Rob Reiner and CBS Films president Terry Press.

Pete Buttigieg, another Hollywood favorite, also entered the race late – on April 15, though he received numerous campaign contributions after he formed an exploratory committee on January 23. Buttigieg had been scheduled for a six-event fundraising trip to Los Angeles this week – including one to be hosted by writer-producer-director Ryan Murphy – that was expected to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the mayor of South Bend, IN, canceled the trip so he could deal with an officer-involved shooting there. The fundraiser will be rescheduled, though no date has been set.

The second memorable quote from Harris during the debate happened as she tore into Joe Biden about his remarks about being able to work with fellow senators who were segregationists. She accused him, rightfully, of being against busing. Biden, at the time, called busing “a liberal train wreck.” She spoke about a little girl who was bused to school. She ended the story with the line, “That little girl was me.” So, continuing to take advantage of fundraising opportunities, t-shirts with the quote and a picture of Kamala as “that little girl” are available on her website.

During an interview Friday morning on CBS This Morning, she was asked by Gayle King if that exchange with Biden was a “low blow”. The answer is no. It was a dumb question from King, to be honest. Harris is in a campaign to win her party’s nomination as its presidential nominee. This isn’t the PTA. Why would she regret her actions?

In response to criticism that her comments against Biden were a “low blow,” Harris said, “You know, Gayle, it was about just speaking truth. And as I’ve said many times, I have a great deal of respect for Joe Biden. He has served our country over many years in a very noble way, but we — he and I — disagree on that. And it is a debate, this is a campaign where we should be discussing issues and there will be contrasts. And on this issue, I suppose — and I guess it’s evident — that there is a contrast of opinion on the significance of people who have served in the United States Senate and what they have done in terms of their policy.”

Here’s the tweet of a picture her campaign posted showing Kamala as a little girl. It’s the picture used on the t-shirt. I admit she’s cute.