Maher attacks Melania Trump, frets over political correctness

With a nod to Father’s Day weekend, Bill Maher took an opportunity to take a shot at First Lady Melania Trump while he was criticizing President Trump’s political agenda. He’s quite the misogynist, that Bill Maher.

Maher is upset that President Trump is not moving ahead with a plan for infrastructure projects and mentioned it during Friday night’s show. The Real Time with Bill Maher host teed up his criticism with a personal attack on the president’s looks as he said, “Republicans really see Trump as a father figure. A strong-but-quiet, strict-but-fair man…who gets up in the morning, puts on two pounds of concealer, inflates his hair, and spends the day tweeting like a mean girl. Atticus Finch? Meet Fatticus Bitch.” There is nothing particularly original in this snarky comment, though, as Maher frequently points out that the Bad Orange Man is overweight and combs his hair in an unusual way.

Then, though, Maher took a shot at Melania Trump as he continued on. “What kind of dad doesn’t take care of simple repairs? You know you’re the president who’s let the place go when your wife has had more work done than roads and bridges.” That’s a random, cheap shot.

Maher blames the Republican president for the fact that the Democrat Party, known as the Mommy Party, is now the Single Mother Party. It’s nonsensical, of course, yet this is Bill Maher. The Republican Party, traditionally known as the Daddy Party, elected Donald Trump, with the help of moderate Democrats and Independents and the economy has not been better for women or any group of people in America. I don’t know how a man leaving his family is the fault of an American president, except that this is Trump’s America now and this is the kind of stuff his critics say with straight faces.

One thing Maher said that rings true is that political correctness is killing the Democrat Party. He went after them on the subject of returning donations from unsavory characters. Republicans do it, too, but the GOP is outraising the Democrats so he’s upset.

On Democrats returning donations from compromised figures: “The Republicans take everybody’s money. Steve Wynn was found out, he got ‘Me Too’-ed? ‘Hey, we’re keeping the money.’ Harvey Weinstein, [the Dems] eve the money back. Why? His money didn’t rape anybody.”

On Democrats losing the fundraising fight: “The DNC took in $19 million so far this year. The RNC? $61 [million]. Trump has raised $30 million in the first quarter way before than any of the Democrats. This is another way they’re going to shoot themselves in the foot.”

Maher attacked the students and facility at Oberlin College who tried to destroy a local bakery when the owner took action against shoplifters. The college was ordered to pay $44 million to resolve a libel lawsuit brought by the bakery’s owner.

“Social justice warriors … are finally finding that maybe there’s a price to pay [for political correctness],” Maher said during the show’s panel segment. The liberal comedian has long argued that political correctness does more harm than good to the cause of liberalism.

It is consistent that Maher is concerned about the effects of political correctness. His first television show was titled Politically Incorrect and his schtick was centered around attacking both sides of the aisle. That show ran from 1993 to 2002. In his current show, Maher mostly sticks to attacking Republicans, and especially President Trump.

I’ll end with two tweets that I think perfectly exhibit the end of traditional politics in today’s political environment. They are from the “Overtime” part of Maher’s show. The first is a tweet from Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat who is actually using rational thought about beginning impeachment hearings. He’s against it and in favor of using the 2020 election to sort it all out.

Contrast that with a now mostly irrelevant Never Trumper who used to be important to Republican candidates because he had a radio show in Wisconsin. He now calls for Democrats to act immediately on the impeachment of this Republican president.