Piers Morgan: Trump protesters are disrespectful and pathetic

During Monday’s broadcast of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, host Piers Morgan blasted Trump protesters in London as disrespectful and pathetic. Sitting alongside co-presenter Suzanna Reid, Morgan reminded the audience that the protests are particularly disrespectful because President Trump has arrived in London at this time as part of a three-day trip to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The state visit is only the third offered to a U.S. president.

“When we needed the Americans in World War II, they were there for us.” That statement from Morgan brought agreement from Reid who had been playing devil’s advocate to Morgan’s bad cop denunciation of the protests. Protesters hope to bring London to a standstill throughout Trump’s visit. Hundreds of thousands of them are expected to take to the city’s streets and more than 20,000 police officers have been deployed to twenty separate sites in preparation of what may come.

Morgan was particularly agitated about the return of the Baby Trump balloon and the introduction of the giant robot Trump. The robot of President Trump sitting on a gold toilet is 16 feet high and it talks. Apparently, the 20-foot balloon depicting the leader of the free world and Great Britain’s most loyal ally as a giant baby isn’t quite enough. Now there is a robot on a gold toilet. And, the icing on that cake is the robot was made in China.

A 16ft talking robot of Mr Trump sitting on a gold toilet is also expected to make an appearance. It depicts the US leader with his trousers round his ankles while tweeting.

The robot, which has been shipped to the UK from China, emits farting noises and recordings of some of Trump’s provocative sound bites including: ‘no collusion’, ‘a witch-hunt’, ‘you are fake news’ and ‘I’m a very stable genius’.

Piers Morgan pointed out that there were no massive protests when Russian President Vladimir Putin, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia were all welcomed with pageantry.

He said: ‘There’s something a bit warped about our values – is Trump really worse than Putin and King Salman? The Americans fought and died alongside us on D Day.’

Failing to see the irony in his reasoning, the leader of the Stop Trump Coalition told Morgan that the protest was a comment on President Trump being ‘egotistical and has got a very thin skin’. Oh boy. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

He was asked by Piers Morgan whether this makes it look like Britain’s response to commemorating the US contribution to D-Day seems to be putting up a baby blimp.

Mr Rehman added: ‘There is a very tawdry history of us rolling out the red carpet for people with despicable views and politics. We should be raising our standards.

‘The fact that the overwhelming majority of, what we could call from political parties to ordinary people, majority of people in London object to the state visit is because it’s the rolling out of red carpet – not just about the fact he’s a sexual predator, he tweets racist and fascist, he’s a climate denialist, he’s a misogynist. All these things.

‘He’s retweeted far-Right fascists, the very people, convicted racists, who’s incitement led to the murder of a British MP. Remember that the murderer of Jo Cox shouts Britain First. The way he talks about migrants.’

Sunday a climate change group tweeted out a special welcome for President Trump. Born Eco got creative in a sexually explicit way to send their message to Trump. Wait, I thought Trump is supposed to be the uncivil person. Nothing says civilized protest like penis art.

Demonstrations are planned for Monday afternoon and the largest one is planned for Tuesday as President Trump meets with Prime Minister May at 10 Downing Street.

Demonstrations will continue on Monday afternoon outside Buckingham Palace, with a protest called “Spoil Trump’s Banquet”, organized by a group named ‘Together Against Trump.’ Lindsey German, one of the protest’s organizers and a founder of the U.K.’s Stop The War Coalition calls it a “special unwelcome.”

On Tuesday, the largest anti-Trump protests are planned from 11am as Trump lunches with May at her 10 Downing Street residence. In response the Metropolitan Police are launching what they have called a “multi-faceted security operation” during Trump’s visit, according to a press release, issued Saturday June 1.

Not everyone will protest against President Trump’s visit, though. There are some sane people left in England, including some ex-pats.

But not everyone is marching to the same angry beat. Some Londoners are intent on giving Trump a warmer welcome. Republicans Overseas U.K., a political organization created in 2013 for U.S. citizens living abroad, is hosting a ticketed event in a central London restaurant on Tuesday evening to celebrate “the special Anglo-American relationship, the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, and the President’s visit of course,” says Sarah Elliott, U.K. Chair of Republicans Overseas.

For Elliott, the visit is an important sign of increasing cooperation between the U.S. and “it’s most important” ally. “We hope it’ll lay the groundwork for more trade between the countries,” she says. “With Brexit happening soon, the U.K, needs to focus on building stronger ties outside Europe.” The U.K. is currently the 7th largest goods trading partner with some $127 billion (two way) in total trade during 2018. U.S. exports to the U.K. were $66 billion last year, up by approximately 18% from 2017.

For the second year running, a west London pub will celebrate the arrival of the U.S. President by rebranding itself the “Trump Arms”. The weekend before Trump’s 2018 visit the Jameson pub was decorated in U.S. flags and brought together Trump supporters, wearing red caps reading “Make America Great Again”.

“Someone has to show Americans that we’re their friends,” says pub owner Damien Smyth, 54. “A lot of young people tell me they’re afraid to tell their friends they support Trump because they don’t want to be lambasted. It’s awful.”

The events of D-Day, led by American troops, changed Europe and the world forever. It’s good to see that some haven’t forgotten what these next few days should be focused on – freedom and those who gave all to attain it.