Bill Maher offers two words of advice for 2020 Democrat candidates

Bill Maher really wants to be the coach for the Democrats running in the 2020 presidential primary. He is frustrated that they don’t seem to be getting his message. He is telling them that all that the Democrats need to win boils down to two words: message discipline.

What I don’t understand, though is why Bill Maher thinks that Democrats aren’t united in their messaging. It seems to me that they all sound the same on all the top issues. Even Joe Biden, the guy who is supposed to represent the steady, reasonable voice of more moderate Democrats, has been pulled to the left of his former positions. He’s barely campaigning and avoiding events where he might have to answer for past votes. He isn’t even attending the California Democrat convention this weekend, the only top contender to take a pass on the state convention. He’s headlining a dinner for an LGBT rights group on Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio.

All of the top contenders sing from the same songbook. They all promise open borders, amnesty, infanticide, Medicaid for all, free education, more taxes for the wealthy, and so on. They are very generous as they commit tax dollars to pay for it all.

During Maher’s HBO show Friday night, Real Time with Bill Maher, he scolded other Democrats for not listening to him. He also said the two reasons Republicans win elections is that they cheat and because of teamwork.

The namesake host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher has some rules for the Democratic Party to memorize as they ramp up for a 2020 rematch with President Donald J. Trump. “I want all Democrats to memorize these two words: Message Discipline,” Maher said with the tones of a weary teacher addressing a remedial class. “Republicans win for two reasons: teamwork and cheating. And they’re really good at both.”

Maher didn’t bother to explain what exactly he meant when he said Republicans cheat. He just tossed that criticism out there. I suppose in his mind, the only way for voters to support conservative candidates is if they cheat to get votes. It makes no sense. He did chastise Democrats for relying on identity politics and litmus tests, which was interesting. Mostly, though, he just wants to pretend to be the czar of advice.

I do agree with Maher about his description of Joe Biden. He said that Joe doesn’t look good.

“I do worry, I do worry,” Maher said about Biden. “Like I’ve said about age, it’s individual. Some people look pretty good … Joe doesn’t look good. He looks like he’s on a coin.”

I really don’t know if Joe Biden has it in him to last throughout a presidential campaign. He looks tired and, well, old. He has started off very slowly and is avoiding potentially stressful events, like the Democrat convention in California. State conventions are planned well in advance. There’s no way his scheduling conflict just randomly happened. What is he afraid of?

In the meantime, Biden is the candidate that Maher focused on because he is the frontrunner. He’s worried that Biden will act as he always does – like a creepy old guy. Just last week in Houston, after promising to keep his hands (and nose) to himself, he interacted with a 10-year-old girl in an uncomfortable way. Maher is nervous that Biden will do something like that again right before election day. Even Colin Powell’s former chief of staff agreed. Biden is weird.

The HBO star then referred to Biden’s recent interaction with a 10-year-old girl on the campaign trail, an encounter that raised eyebrows when Biden told her, “I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.” Biden had previously faced criticism for remarks and gestures toward girls and women.

“I worry he’s going to say that two days before the election,” Maher said.

Panelist Lawrence Wilkerson — a retired U.S. Army colonel and former chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell — then compared Biden to former President George H.W. Bush, who was accused by multiple women of inappropriate grabbing in his final years, and recalled his own interactions with Biden, telling the panel Biden would say and do things that were “utterly weird.”

It will be easy for Republicans to stay united in messaging in the lead-up to the 2020 election, with Republican support still so high for President Trump. The only person coming forward so far to challenge him is Bill Weld. All that Weld is offering so far are schoolyard taunts and name-calling. He’s just another white man in his seventies on the campaign trail. Even John Kasich admits there is “no path” to challenging Trump in 2020. Justin Amash rose from the back bench in the House and gained fifteen minutes in the spotlight when he called for a start to impeachment proceedings but so far he is alone in that move.

The candidates in the 2020 Democrat primary are not ready to listen to reason, which is fine by me. I hope they all continue to fling themselves as far left as they can possibly get. I welcome a race between a businessman turned politician and a lifelong politician with no real-world working experience if the nominee is Biden. Even left-leaning political historian and successful predictor of presidential races Allen Lichtman predicted Trump will win re-election. He resorted to telling Democrats to “grow a spine” and do “their constitutional duty” by impeaching Trump. Atta boy, professor. He’s letting his students know that he thinks the solution to a disappointing election victory is to undo the will of the voters through impeachment. Lovely. Democrats should just stick with Bill Maher.