IHOP tweets out a Mother's Day greeting, reactions explode on the Internet

One way for companies to advertise is through social media and the savvy ones use Twitter to create a buzz. Mother’s Day is a perfect day each year for tweets dedicated to moms everywhere. Lots of companies took advantage this year and tweeted out messages, along with sports teams, celebrities, and everyday Twitter users.

IHOP won Twitter Sunday morning, though, with a simple tweet that both surprised and confused those who saw it. The tweet is of an ultrasound picture showing a stack of pancakes in the uterus. Obviously, it was a light-hearted joke.

As you can imagine, though, an ultrasound provokes emotional responses. Those in the pro-abortion camp claimed that the tweet’s timing was off, given the headlines in recent weeks about pro-life legislation. How dare IHOP acknowledge moms with an image expectant moms everywhere see during their pregnancies!

Some reacted with scold tweets about basic anatomy. No, no one at IHOP really thought food travels down a mom’s throat and lands directly into her uterus but the snarky tweets leapt to point out the fallacy.


One “sexual health expert” weighed in by saying such anatomical inaccuracies must be corrected. It’s as though everyone has lost their sense of humor these days.

“After all, most of us are told as children that we grew in our mommy’s ‘tummy,'” Kempner wrote. “Unless that oversimplification is corrected either by our parents or a sex ed class, misunderstandings can easily remain.”

Lancaster University’s Adam Taylor actually took the time to explain confusion about a woman’s abdominal structure in The Conversation. He used a very small focus group of 63 people to prove his point that anatomical knowledge is “sketchy”, as pointed out in the Business Insider article.

There’s a particular knowledge gap about the abdomen, also called the belly, he said, where a number of key organs like the stomach are housed. A woman’s uterus is found in the lower abdomen, as well.

Understanding anatomy matters because better information about where symptoms are “can help doctors make a diagnosis more quickly and accurately,” Taylor wrote for The Conversation.

The IHOP ultrasound tweet isn’t the first use of the scientific test to cause a controversial reaction. In 2016, Doritos ran an ad during the Super Bowl that shows a baby in a mom’s ultrasound who moves according to the location of the dad’s Dorito chip. Just as the IHOP tweet is cute, so is the Dorito ad. People just need to lighten up. It’s hard to believe so many people, I assume grown adults, were triggered over a silly tweet.