Indy deli owner welcomes NRA guests, Councilman says he's feeding Nazis

The City of Indianapolis welcomed the NRA convention to town last week. You won’t be surprised to know that not everyone was thrilled with the members’ presence. It’s not every day, however, that a city-county councilor becomes so unhinged that he accuses a Jewish deli owner of “feeding Nazis”. That’s what happened when Brian Shapiro, owner of Shapiro’s Deli, welcomed convention-goers to Indianapolis and extended his hospitality.

First, let me tell you about Shapiro’s Deli, in case you have not had the pleasure of a visit. It’s the best. Full stop. My Hoosier husband introduced me to the kosher-style deli many years ago when we were dating and whenever we are in Indianapolis, a trip to Shapiro’s is mandatory. It’s that good. The family-owned deli has been in business for over 100 years. It’s a cafeteria-style deli and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to everyone. The Jewish family fled Russia during the anti-Semite pogroms at the turn of the century.

Politicians stop by during campaigns. Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz visited as they each tried to win the Indiana GOP primary in 2016.

Serving the community is what they do. During the government shut-down in January, the deli gave meals to over 150 TSA workers at the airport who were working without pay.

Zach Adamson, the Vice President of the Indy City Council, didn’t appreciate Shapiro’s tweet welcoming the NRA and his reminder that President Trump enjoyed a visit to the family eatery in 2016 as he campaigned for the Republican nomination. Adamson responded first by commenting on Facebook where he posted the tweet. “This breaks my heart. Truly.” I’ll note that a quick glance at Shapiro’s Twitter account fails to produce the tweet. I assume it has been deleted, given the publicity now.

The comments to Adamson’s tweet brought about the feeding Nazis remark. Adamson chimed in with his agreement, claiming that Brian Shapiro was “bragging” about feeding Nazis (Trump supporters).

On Adamson’s post, commenters then made mention of the religion of Shapiro’s owner, Brian Shapiro, who is Jewish. One comment insinuated that Shapiro is feeding Nazis. It stated, in part, “The Shapiro family is Jewish. By showing they welcome the NRA & trump they are saying they are okay with oppression of the marginalized people that trumps base hate. Including Jews….It’s almost as if Brian Shapiro forgot about his family heritage by encouraging a group of people who identify as anti-Semite to dine at his establishment.”

When another commenter stated that, “feeding Nazis for a price isn’t supporting the Nazi cause,” Councilor Adamson posted, “This is about bragging that you feed Nazis and then being shocked with all the locals avoid you…”

Responding to all of that garbage, Brian Shapiro called into Tony Katz’s radio show.

“I’m just confused by his comment that he’s upset with us. I just don’t understand… If Indianapolis doesn’t want Donald Trump here, then I guess they can pass a law that stops him from coming here, but the other side of the coin is it’s going to bring the city $32 million… At the end of the day, the governemnt is suppossed to improve people’s lives by making people’s business better and growing the economy. Obviously, the councilman is upset.”

Brian Shapiro is a businessman. Welcoming convention-goers is good business practice. The deli is in a convenient downtown location. This isn’t rocket science. It’s common sense.

How original of the haters, right? Trump supporters are Nazis, they say. Shapiro is selling food to Nazis for “a price”. Doesn’t get much more anti-Semitic than that. Just remember this story and others that pop up when you hear Democrats blast Republicans as the party of hate. President Trump has a Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren. His daughter converted to Judaism. Trump has proven his support to Israel time and time again, including moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

While skimming through Adamson’s Twitter feed, I noticed he tweeted about a watch party for Mayor Pete. Perhaps he is supporting a fellow Hoosier for president. Meanwhile, Shapiro’s Deli welcomes everyone, regardless of party affiliation.