CNN asks: Can Melania Trump balance her platform despite her husband?

Weekend early mornings on CNN are much easier to watch than weekday mornings. The regular weekend morning anchors actually don’t make me want to throw something at the television. Case in point, Christi Paul interviewed Melania Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham Saturday morning. The interview went well.

The purpose was for Grisham to speak about Melania’s three state visit this coming week to Oklahoma, Washington, and Nevada. She is promoting her Be Best initiative and talking about her work in dealing with the opioid crisis. Monday she will visit an elementary school in Tulsa, Oklahoma and then a tech company near Seattle. Tuesday she will participate in an opioids town hall in Las Vegas. Three states in two days.

The interviewed ended with a predictable question: “Can Melania Trump balance her platform with the things her husband says?” Yes, Grisham answered. Yes, she can because the President is a grown man and Melania Trump is her own person. Ms. Paul asked the question in a respectful, professional manner and there was no smirking or snark added in for editorial opinion, as would have happened with the weekday morning female anchor. It was refreshing. If CNN truly wanted to be an honest cable news network, there would be more Christi Paul and less Alisyn Camerota. You know what I mean.

The implication behind the question is one rendered because of a common leftie complaint, that President Trump is an online bully and his behavior conflicts directly with Melania Trump’s Be Best initiative. The president responds on Twitter to other adults, usually other politicians. Mrs. Trump is working with children and young adults, who clearly have her heart. It’s two separate worlds unless you are blinded by feelings of #TheResistance and can’t accept a timely, worthwhile initiative from the First Lady, the president’s better half. Somehow I don’t remember anyone asking such questions of conflict to Hillary Clinton because of her philandering husband or Michelle Obama during her “When they go low, we go high” phase as her husband worked overtime to divide America on social issues and regularly trashed Republicans.

As White House Director of Communication for FLOTUS, Grisham skillfully spoke of the three pillar program that is Be Best. Well-being, social media use, and opioid abuse all play a part in her campaign. Online bullying is a focus but so is encouraging and inspiring children, as well as working on the opioid crisis. Whether it’s a symposium at the White House or a classroom or hospital visit, the affection Melania Trump has for children is apparent, unless you are blinded by political partisanship.

Melania Trump has exceeded my expectations as First Lady. She is to be acknowledged for her work and would be much more than she is if she wasn’t married to Donald Trump. She doesn’t even make the covers of fashion magazines though she is a former model and is always impeccably dressed. Even Laura Bush, not known for her fashion savvy, got the cover of women’s magazines and was given a spread in Vogue. I appreciate Melania’s example of quiet dignity and self-confidence.