NBC's Chuck Todd trashes "gullible" Trump voters

Trump voters in 2016 were “gullible” and victims of gaslighting according to NBC news anchor Chuck Todd. What else could possibly explain why Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidential election?

“I knew the gaslighting was out there. I knew it was every day,” Todd said. “But I think there was part of me in my head assumed people were discerning it out, knew the BS from the non-BS. So, I think what my sort of shock to the system was just sort of how gullible a big chunk of the country was to this and gullible because maybe they want to be gullible.”

Two years into his administration, the liberal left in the media still cannot accept that the inauguration of Hillary Clinton never happened. When all other reasoning fails, the voters themselves are blamed for just being too willing to fall under the psychological spell of Donald Trump. Frankly, I think that says more about Chuck Todd and his colleagues than it does of anyone who voted for Trump, including myself.

Remember just a few days ago when Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) made headlines because she claimed that Democrats don’t connect with people very easily because they are just so darn smart? The only mistake she made with that admission is that she simply spoke the honest truth that liberal Americans really believe they are smarter than everyone else. Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, and Hallie Jackson were all of the same opinions as they waxed poetically about what rubes regular Americans are during a Recode Decode podcast.

Andrea Mitchell admits she doesn’t understand the importance of popular culture in today’s politics. She lives in such a myopic bubble that she had no idea that Donald Trump had millions of fans from his days on “The Apprentice”, an NBC show.

Andrea Mitchell: What I undervalued about Donald Trump in the primaries is that I had never watched “The Apprentice.” I had never watched reality TV. I did not know that he had millions and millions of fans out there. I didn’t know that that base existed. I thought he was not a serious candidate. I did not know that the single most important and visited tourist attraction in all of New York City were people taking selfies in front of Trump Tower. I always thought it was the Statue of Liberty, or the Empire State Building, or 30 Rock.

I remember talking to my youngest sister, who lives in the midwest, during the GOP primary season and when I asked her about Trump she told me that at least he would be entertaining as president. I was, frankly, shocked by that response. People who weren’t political junkies were hungry for a non-politician, particularly one who spoke about bringing jobs back to long-forgotten places. The fact that Trump was not a traditional politician giving speeches that all the rest were giving was a plus. They weren’t being gaslighted (psychologically manipulated), they were going along on the ride. Like so many other American voters, I was completely stunned that Trump won the presidency though I voted for him.

What the intellectual superiors on the left fail to realize is that Americans voted for Trump for lots of reasons, mostly quite practical reasons. I voted for Trump because of the judiciary. Like millions of others, the thought of Hillary Clinton putting two or three people on the Supreme Court alone was enough to get me to the polls to vote for Trump. For others, it was his focus on bringing jobs back to the heartland from overseas or a tough stance against illegal immigration. The media elites like to think people were suckered because it is less painful than Democrats admitting how tone deaf they have become. Do they really think blaming voters is the best path back to electoral success?

So, here we are two years out and liberal media anchors are still trying to figure out what went wrong in the last presidential election. Here’s a hint for them – it isn’t because they were just too darn smart.

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David Strom 6:31 PM on October 05, 2022