Trump promises 94 year old WWII veteran a White House visit

President Trump traveled to Kansas City, Missouri last week to speak to the Veterans of Foreign Wars 2018 convention. To say Trump was in the presence of a very friendly audience, estimated to be about 10,000 people,  is an understatement. He spoke on many topics, including the return of the remains of Korean War veterans and tariffs, too.


From immigration to missing in action, they were themes welcomed by a pro-White House crowd.

“Fabulous, had us pumped from the second he walked on the stage. He just kinda had everyone in the palm of his hand,” Vietnam veteran Jack Smith said of Trump’s speech.

“Getting the remains of all our fallen heroes is very important to me,” said Walter Wesley Watts, a Korean War veteran.

Then he met 94-year-old Alan Jones. Like the convention audience, Jones is a fan of President Trump. He was asked to come up on the stage to be acknowledged as a veteran of World War II. Then he took the opportunity of having the president’s ear and put in his ask.

He said he has given the VFW “70 years of my life. This is one of the highlights for this 94-year-old man.

“I have been told that I could never enter the Oval Office in Washington D.C.,” Jones said. “I’m going to be 95 years of age April 11 of next year.

“Hopefully, you will allow me to bring my family into the Oval Office to meet you?”

“Yes,” President Trump responded. “Anytime you want.”

Nice. Jones wasn’t quite finished, though. He told President Trump that the VFW audience knows better than to give him the microphone, as he’s a talker, and ended by asking Trump for an autograph on a photo he had of the two men during the presidential campaign. The audience and the president enjoyed the veteran’s performance. I like Alan’s spunky personality.


Some protesters (and supporters) did their thing outside the convention. It didn’t appear to be a large crowd but this is probably because, in Missouri, most folks were at work or whatever else that would get in the way of a daytime protest.

One member of Team #RESIST found out the hard way that protesting President Trump has its drawbacks. She spoke to local reporters anonymously so as not to escalate the ugliness she has experienced on social media.

The woman used a paid day off from work and told her employer what she would be doing. She claims now, though, to be surprised at the backlash. Really? In this hyper-partisan political environment, she was surprised to get a response from Trump supporters? She even received a phone call from her employer, as someone complained to her company. She even admits she knew that her protest sign would be an attention grabber. She used her personal Twitter account to show it off. She was really proud of herself for calling Trump “Putin’s bitch”.

She knew the sign would grab attention, especially after she posted a picture of it on her personal Twitter account. But she never expected to get an uncomfortable call from work about the picture.

“Someone took time out of their day to research me and where I work and took the time to contact my employer and tell them that I needed to be fired because they didn’t like the message I was promoting as a private citizen,” the woman said.


As it turns out, the Trump protester is lucky her boss is supportive of her right to protest on her own time (though she was using a paid day off so she wasn’t losing any pay) and to use her personal social media. Lots of companies have put policies in place to support termination. Maybe she should just be grateful, like Alan Jones, to be living in a country where she can protest the most powerful man in the world and carry on with her normal life the next day.

Well done, Alan Jones. Thank you for your service.

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