Anti-Trump protests, baby Trump balloon follow president to Scotland

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Scotland when they departed from London. Staying for a couple of days at TrumpTurnberry, the golf resort, Trump was able to get in a round of golf Saturday before he heads to Finland for his summit with Vladimir Putin. As was the case in London, protesters marched in Glasgow. The baby Trump balloon even made the trip. Needless to say, the president’s security force has ramped up.


Trump referred to golf as his “primary form of exercise” in a tweet.

A Greenpeace protester, angry about Trump’s position on climate change, violated a no-fly zone over Turnberry hotel as he paraglided over the golf course within a very close proximity to the president. Trump was seen doing a bit of a sprint to get away. Police are looking for the protester. Here’s a little clip from the #resist crowd.

There were protesters on the beach who heckled Trump as he was on the golf course. His son Eric was one of those golfing with the president.

President Trump waved at a group of shouting protesters as he hit the links Saturday at his Turnberry golf resort in Scotland, his closest encounter with the tens of thousands of people who have demonstrated against him during his UK visit.

A dozen hecklers were positioned on the beach 100 yards away from the green, a clutch of police officers separating them from a presidential foursome that included Trump’s son Eric.


In Glasgow, a crowd reported being about 10,000 marched against Trump’s visit. This is where the baby Trump balloon made an appearance, as the protesters were denied permission to fly it over the golf course.

Meanwhile, an estimated 10,000 anti-Trump demonstrators marched in Edinburgh.

The 20-foot-tall “Trump Baby” balloon that debuted in London Thursday made an appearance over The Meadows, a public park about a mile away from the Scottish Parliament.

I’d be curious to know the make-up of the crowd, as the so-called anti-Trump protest in London turned out to be full of those protesting against other things, too. There were those protesting capitalism, climate change, and other grievances. Professional protesters gotta protest but the one in Glasgow may have been a bit purer. There was an absence of pink hats, though. Maybe that is just an American thing.

Many carried placards with messages including “Dump Trump”, “Love Trumps Hate”, while others carried signs with messages for the American leader, including “Tweet off Twitter twit” and “Bolt ya rocket”.

Some protesters dressed up for the occasion, with one couple adorning Mexican-themed costumes and carrying a donkey pinata named “Donald”, and others dressed as caricature versions of Mr Trump himself.

The event saw the crowds set off on a march towards the city’s meadows area for a Carnival of Resistance event, where a 20ft inflatable depicting the US president as a nappy-clad baby holding a mobile phone will be flown.


According to the Washington Post, Trump is expected to visit the burial grounds of relatives while he is in Scotland. He meets with Putin in Finland Monday.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on September 22, 2023