Chelsea Handler apologizes to world for Trump on July 4

While most of us were enjoying a politics-free Independence Day, Hollywood celebrities decided that July 4 was the day to weigh in on Twitter about how awful it is that Donald Trump is president. So, you know, it was just another day for them. The usual suspects tweeted out standard lefty pap, and some were more nuanced that others.

One of the most vocal critics of Donald Trump in La-La Land, especially since his inauguration, Chelsea Handler made her apology for President Trump to the world on behalf of Americans.  You’ll have to pardon me as I roll my eyes as Handler tweets about “our views”, as she’s a former Netflix show host known for extremely crude language and skits.  She was so unhinged when President Trump won the election, during her first show after the election she and her guest Senator Barbara Boxer both cried over Hillary’s loss. She also boasts that she has had multiple abortions and doesn’t even like children. When her poorly rated Netflix show ended Handler made much ado about her intention to be a political activist, as though it was a trendy new hobby of hers.


You may find it interesting that protests are now a patriotic gesture, according to our Hollywood betters. I think that is interesting because when those opposing Barack Obama’s policies protested, especially the Tea Party people, opponents were called racist and even dismissed as astroturf. Singer COMMON reminded the masses that “there is nothing more patriotic than protest.”


I agree, COMMON. Good to see you can admit it now that someone you don’t like is in the White House. I never stopped thinking to protest is a right of all Americans, no matter who is in the White House.

Actress turned far left political candidate Cynthia Nixon, known best for her role in the cable television show Sex and the City, is running to be the next governor of New York. She took to Twitter on July 4 and delivered quite the screed.  I’ll show you a sample of it. You’ll note that she indicates that abortion is one of the things that makes America great.

Remember when actor/director Ron Howard was everyone’s favorite little boy in the Andy Griffith Show? Well, Opie grew up and became just another Hollywood lefty. He wants everyone to get out there and register to vote. He wants more voter participation so that ” the few” don’t drive the election. I agree. I also think that the Electoral College is the best armor against the leftists that dominate both coasts and major urban areas, allowing those in less populated places have their voices heard, too.

The ultimate celebrities, Bill and Hillary Clinton both weighed in.  Hillary included a picture of the Statue of Liberty. That was a nice touch since her tweet was lame.

Bill Clinton, political grifter extraordinaire, pandered to the diversity angle. He’s still strong in the identity politics game.

As I wrote above, most of us chose to forget about politics, as much as possible anyway and enjoyed the day with family and friends. There is so much for which each of us can be grateful that snarky complaining, no matter how clever it was intended, just seems like a waste of time during America’s birthday.

On a much more pleasant note, I’ll leave you with this from Sully, the latest member of the Bush family. His human is former President George H.W. Bush. Sully came to Bush from America’s VetDogs.  They celebrated Independence Day in Kennebunkport, Maine together. Sully is a smart pup. He knows Instagram is a happy place. I highly recommend Instagram as a much-needed distraction from the every day political ugliness.


David Strom 10:01 PM on September 26, 2022