Oops! Network “Chief Political Analyst” inadvertently promotes GOP governing principle

As Allahpundit wrote about, ABC News had a very bad day Friday. Friday morning, reporter Brian Ross was busy spreading a completely false charge against President Trump and then in the afternoon, the network’s “Chief Political Analyst” Matthew Dowd perfectly made the case for conservative economic policy though he meant the tweet as a slap to the Republican tax bill. He tweeted the following: (@matthewjdowd)

“Any tax savings that i might get from this unfair and mean spirited gop tax bill i will donate to charities to help the poor and vulnerable. Who is with me?”

I love it when that happens. “Unfair and mean-spirited”? I think not.

I hope lots of people benefitting from the tax reform bill find some inspiration to donate more to charity, preferably at the local level. A very basic principle of the Republican party is the belief that government closest to the people is best. It is the same for charities – locally is best.

After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston last August, Republican philosophy rang true. Local non-profits, local churches, local civic organizations, professional athletes, Houstonians and yes, local government all went above and beyond expectations and got the help needed to people suffering from the aftermath of that storm. On the flip side, huge bureaucratic organizations (looking at you, Red Cross) were the least effective.

For many people, the tax reform bill, a mixed bag as Jazz wrote about, will allow modest tax cuts and a bit more freedom in financial decision making. The repeal of the individual mandate in Obamacare will be a relief for Americans paying penalties for non-coverage. The power grab by the Democrats and President Obama to socialize 1/6 of the American economy seems to me to be “unfair and mean-spirited”. As Roll Call reports:

Repealing the mandate also saves $300 billion over ten years in subsidies that otherwise would have been spent on consumers, according to the Congressional Budget Office, providing savings for the tax cuts.

As we enter into the Christmas season, here’s hoping more Americans are given the opportunity to spend their hard-earned dollars any way they choose.

Allahpundit Aug 03, 2021 8:01 PM ET