Andrew Tate's Trial in Romania is Finally Moving Forward

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More than a year after he and his brother were first arrested, Andrew Tate's trial in Romania is finally moving forward.

The trial of controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan is to go ahead, a court in Romania says.

No date has been set by the court which has been reviewing prosecutors' evidence and the pair have appealed.


The Tates have already appealed the ruling to let the trial proceed.

Romanian prosecutors alleged the Tate brothers seduced victims by falsely claiming they wanted a relationship or marriage with them.

Eugen Vidineac, the Tate brother’s lead counsel, claimed Friday’s ruling “lacks legal basis and reasoning” and said they “have filed a strong appeal.”

Tate and his brother were held in jail for three months after a series of one month extensions, but finally were given home release. In June of last year Andrew Tate was charged with rape, human trafficking and the creation of a criminal gang. Tate appears to have made his money from cam girls but also by hosting a site called the "War Room" where he (allegedly) charged men $8,000 each to learn how to groom women into sex work.

The BBC spoke to two women who said they were exploited by War Room members. Although they live thousands of miles apart, their stories indicate the men were following the same tactics.

Both women said they initially believed they were in a romantic relationship with these men – who then began gradually manipulating them into sex work, a strategy known as the “loverboy method”…

The women also say they were subjected to violence, isolated from friends and forced to perform menial tasks to demonstrate their subservience.


Despite the arrest and the charges, Tate has continued to make news. He was interviewed by Tucker Carlson last July. And just last month he made news again. He was arrested after a friend of his claimed online that Andrew was planning to leave Romania. The Tates denied any plans to leave the country and were again released to home confinement. But a judge also ruled that they would be extradited back to the UK after their trial in Romania ended.

Andrew Tate, 37, and Tristan, 35, were detained on Monday in Bucharest after Bedfordshire Police said it had obtained an arrest warrant.

The brothers can be extradited only after the conclusion of their separate trial in Romania on human trafficking charges, a judge ruled...

Speaking outside court Andrew Tate said: "We are very innocent men and in time everybody is going to see that. We are excited to finish this judicial process and clear our names."

Finally, Tate made a different kind of news this week when he posted this statement on X:


Tate's trial date hasn't been set yet so we'll have to wait and see how that goes. Like everyone else, he deserves his day in court. And when that's over he'll face another day in court back in the UK. I'm not assuming he'll be convicted in Romania. Could happen but there are often different rules for the wealthy. OJ proved that years ago.

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