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Okay, you know the drill. There are presidential primaries happening in several states today including Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have already secured the nomination so there's no room for any surprises at this point. Still, states are required to hold these primaries and Hot Air is required by the Bloggers Law of Horserace Coverage (something I just made up) to cover the results. As usual we'll have Decision Desk widgets below so you can check the results as they come in.


Wisconsin is a battleground state so people will be looking to see how the voting goes there. In particular, Democrats are concerned about protests votes against President Biden because of his stand on Israel.

Organized efforts to cast protest votes against Biden are in full force, more than a month after the first major push to do so in Michigan. Around 13 percent of the Democratic primary electorate in that swing state voted for “uncommitted,” largely to register their dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war, with most of the opposition coming from Arab-American communities and in college towns.

Wisconsin will be the next major test of that effort. While there have been protest campaigns in other primary states over the last month, Wisconsin is the latest general election swing state with an “uncommitted” option — or in this case, “uninstructed delegation.”

Biden won Wisconsin by less than 1 point, or just over 20,000 votes, in 2020. Organizers are aiming to get around that number of “uninstructed” votes Tuesday as a show of force — and a warning.

Also in Wisconsin there are a couple of proposed constitutional amendments up for a vote today.


Wisconsin voters will head to the polls Tuesday to decide on two low-profile yet controversial constitutional amendments backed by Republicans that would change how elections are run in the pivotal battleground state.

One measure would ban the use of private funds in election administration — which conservatives often refer to derisively as "Zuckerbucks"...

A second question on the Wisconsin ballot Tuesday will ask voters to decide whether “only election officials designated by law may perform tasks in the conduct of primaries, elections, and referendums.” Opponents say that Wisconsin laws already clearly outline who qualifies as an “election official” and that the amendment would needlessly narrow the number of people who qualify accordingly, while supporters argue the law would help clarify and streamline election administration.

Finally, in Mississippi there is a Republican House runoff race being held today:

There is only one runoff on the ballot Tuesday to determine who will challenge 16-term Democratic incumbent Bennie Thompson in Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District.

Ron Eller and Andrew Scott Smith were the top vote-getters in the March 12 Republican primary, but neither received the vote majority needed to avoid Tuesday’s runoff election.

Eller is a military veteran and physician assistant who placed first in the primary with about 47% of the vote. Smith has worked in commercial real estate and has a background in pumpkin farming and got about 36% of the vote.


We'll have a widget for that runoff race below as well.

Connecticut Primary Results:

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