Palestinian shooter kills 7 near Jerusalem synagogue

The attacked happened Friday night a little after 8pm in Jerusalem:

Seven people were shot and killed and at least three others were wounded in a terror shooting attack at a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood, police and medics said Friday night.

According to police, the terrorist arrived by car at 8:13 p.m. at a building used as a synagogue in the neighborhood in northern Jerusalem and opened fire at people outside the synagogue and other passersby.

He then fled the scene by car toward the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina — several hundred meters away — where he encountered officers who were called to the scene.

Police said the terrorist — a resident of East Jerusalem — was shot dead after he exited the car and opened fire on the officers while trying to escape on foot…

According to Channel 12 news, the terrorist first shot an elderly woman in the street, then encountered a motorcycle rider and shot him, before reaching the Ateret Avraham synagogue and opening fire at people outside.


The Jerusalem Post reports that this is the shooter: “The name of the perpetrator was Khairy Alqam (not the other way around), 21 years old, from Jerusalem.”

There were celebrations in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank after the attack.

Sen. Tom Cotton condemned the attack.


In case you were wondering, Rep. Rashida Tlaib issued this “both sides” statement about the attack on Israeli civilians.

This is the deadliest attack in Israel since 2008. It followed an Israeli raid which took place the previous night.

Tensions have increased dramatically since Thursday morning, when an Israel Defense Forces raid in the West Bank against a terrorist cell left nine Palestinians dead — most of them gunmen and members of the cell, though at least one civilian was also killed.

The IDF said Thursday’s operation in the Jenin refugee camp was necessary to foil imminent attack plans by a local Islamic Jihad terror cell. The group had primed explosives and firearms, according to the IDF.

Secretary of State Blinken is set to visit Israel Sunday and will be meeting with both President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Here’s a BBC news report about the attack.


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