An LA protest against the leaked SCOTUS draft turned violent last night

An LA protest against the leaked SCOTUS draft turned violent last night

There was a pro-Roe protest in Los Angles last night. Like most of these left-wing protests, it could probably be described as mostly peaceful or maybe partly peaceful with a chance of vandalism. Here’s how it all started:

…roughly 400 people gathered in front of the federal courthouse at 1st and Broadway earlier Tuesday night, less than 24 hours after Politico obtained a draft U.S. Supreme Court opinion that seemed to signal the court was poised to overturn the landmark 1973 decision legalizing abortion nationwide.

Amid the sound of blaring car horns, abortion rights advocates spoke in front of the courthouse and held signs that read, “We need to talk about the elephant in the womb,” “I am a woman not a womb” and “Pro-woman, pro-child, pro-choice.”

As the sun started to go down, a crowd decided to march t Pershing Square:

And that’s when things took a turn.

Here’s the LA Times report on what happened:

Around 8:30 p.m., as the gathering started to disperse, some protesters blocked the intersection of 5th and Hill streets, just outside Pershing Square.

Police slowly drove a pair of vehicles into the intersection, moving about 40 protesters out of the way. Some were seen pounding on the hoods of the vehicles; most left the intersection.

Police declared an unlawful assembly at 9:20 p.m. and lifted it about 20 minutes later.

Officers hit some of the protesters with batons. A glass door at a Planet Fitness was smashed.

That doesn’t sound like much but video from last night shows a lot of angry shouting at police and some scuffles. I can’t quite tell if the guy in red in the 2nd clip below spit at the officer or just pretended to spit at the officer.

A bunch of the protesters, including the guy in red, surrounded a police car that had already been vandalized. You can’t see exactly what happened but police reacted and started pushing people back knocking one guy to the ground.

You can see that same incident from another angle in this next clip (top one).

At some point, police tried to arrest one of the guys dressed in black bloc. This happened in the same area but I’m not sure if it happened right before or right after the previous clips. Two officers were surrounded by people in black bloc trying to “de-arrest” the guy. Some of them got hit with a baton while the other officer kept wrestling with the suspect on the ground. Ultimately he got away because the second cop couldn’t help with the arrest. Seconds after the guy escaped, someone threw an electric scooter at the officers. Fortunately it missed.

Here’s another angle which shows the flying scooter and the guy who threw it more clearly.

Ultimately no one was arrested. Two LAPD officers were hurt, but the injuries were minor.

Two LAPD officers suffered minor injuries, the department confirmed Wednesday. One of those officers may have been struck with his own baton.

“I just know that he was attacked by part of the crowd of instigators,” LAPD Capt. Steven Ruiz said. “And in doing so, he was possibly struck…I can’t confirm that it was his baton, but he was struck in the head. But he’s doing OK.”

We can probably expect more of this especially once the actual decision overturning Roe is released this summer. The left already has a pattern for these protests that worked pretty well for them in 2020 and the media already has a pattern for covering them that also worked well for the protesters. The people who think this sort of thing is going to help Democrats in the midterms are the same people who were certain “defund the police” was going to help the party in 2020. This will become more evidence for the majority of Americans that the illiberal left shouldn’t be anywhere near actual power.


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