California high school teaches white, straight, male and Christian students to check their privilege

The Daily Signal published a piece today about some high school lesson plans out of California which warned students to check their privilege if they were white, straight or Christian (among other things). The lesson plans were posted online by a parent who was given a copy of them by another parent. They come from a school district near Palm Springs, California.


Desert Sands Unified School District parent Celeste Fiehler posted the lesson plans in the Facebook group Informed Parents of California after another parent made her aware of the ideological content.

Fiehler said in her Facebook post that the materials were used in a ninth grade English class, noting that students were told “no cellphones allowed.”

“Wonder why,” she added in her post.

The lessons were apparently taught in La Quinta High School but the material itself was borrowed from the University of San Francisco:

The lesson plans appeared to be lifted from a 2014 campaign by the University of San Francisco’s Intercultural Center led by associate professor of psychology J. Garrett-Walker and professor of marketing Sonja Martin Poole…

“If you can expect time off from work to celebrate your religious holidays, you have Christian privilege,” one poster from the University of San Francisco’s Check Your Privilege campaign says.

“If you’re confident that police exist to protect you, you have white male privilege,” says another poster.

“If you cannot be legally fired from work because of your perceived sexuality, you have heterosexual privilege,” reads a third.


The full slideshow of lesson plans is posted here. Here’s a sample that shows how encompassing this viewpoint is meant to be.

This next slide introduces the idea of systemic racism, though it doesn’t call it that:

From there the lesson moves on to privilege:

And the opposite of privilege is oppression. This is the basic binary on which most anti-racist thinking is based:

Fortunately for the privileged kids, there is a path to avoid being part of the oppressor class: Allyship and solidarity. “Note: You can join as an ally!”

At the end of this was a writing assignment which, I guess, will be good practice for college essays on these same topics. “Discuss a privilege that you hold…How can you use this privilege to advocate for and be in solidarity with those who do not have it?”

The Daily Signal asked the school district about this material and was told by a public information officer that the lessons were “not in alignment with the district-adopted curriculum.” “The teacher was operating outside the scope of [the] adopted curriculum and had potentially presented a biased position,” the spokesperson said, adding that “corrective action is underway.”


It seems pretty clear that we’re going to continue to have this argument through the 2022 elections at least. Progressives insist on teaching the straight, white, male and Christian kids that they have a choice to either be privileged oppressors or allies showing solidarity with the resistance against similar oppressors. This clearly isn’t being presented as one way to look at literature. It’s being presented as a kind of woke Sunday school. These are meant to be life lessons for understanding everything, i.e. culture, politics and economics. This is a total worldview which ironically is not examined for its own bias.

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