Joy Reid accuses Elon Musk of cultural appropriation (but not Elizabeth Warren?)

Joy Reid accuses Elon Musk of cultural appropriation (but not Elizabeth Warren?)

Yesterday, Elon Musk offered some sharp responses to Sen. Elizabeth Warren after she labeled him a freeloader on Twitter:

As Musk pointed out yesterday, he’s expecting a tax bill this year which will make him the single highest individual taxpayer in history. Reports suggest his bill could reach $15 billion. Of course Warren didn’t mention that because it’s hard to make a $15 billion tax bill jibe with calling someone a freeloader.

In any case, last night Joy Reid decided to weigh in on her show by naming Musk “The Absolute Worst.” I guess that’s a recurring segment on her show. I don’t know because even Elon Musk couldn’t pay me enough to watch it. But in addition to calling him a freeloader and referring to him as “junior bird man,” Reid also claimed that Musk was guilty of “misappropriating black vernacular.” Here’s the clip:

Accusing Musk of cultural appropriation in a conversation about Sen. Warren is a pretty spectacular degree of tone-deafness. Warren is, after all, the woman who spent much of her career as a professor claiming to be Native American, even filling out EEOC forms at Harvard by checking the box for this minority group. Then in 2018 she took a DNA test which showed once and for all that she was not Native American to any significant degree:

It became such an embarrassment that the Cherokee Nation issued a statement which could be paraphrased as give it up, honey. So, again, accusing Elon Musk of cultural appropriation for using a word lots of people of all races have used while ignoring that Warren claimed to be another race on government forms for years seems like something you’d have to be either very dumb or very shameless to do.

Musk responded to Reid’s comments on Twitter today, repeating the name “Sen. Karen.”

He also added this reaction when someone brought up Reid’s time-traveling, homophobic hackers.

The bottom line here is that both Joy Reid and Elizabeth Warren have humiliated themselves enough over the years that it’s not really necessary to say much about them. Here’s Reid’s full segment featuring Sen. Warren.

Finally, this tweet from Musk wasn’t part of his spat with Warren but it was part of his wider spat with progressives, in this case socialist Bernie Sanders:

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