High school shooter's parents were summoned to discuss his behavior in class just hours before the attack

High school shooter's parents were summoned to discuss his behavior in class just hours before the attack

The 15-year-old shooter at Oxford High School in Michigan was in trouble at school. Sheriff Mike Bouchard revealed that Ethan Crumbley had met with staff on Monday, the day before the shooting about some “troubling behavior” in the classroom. That night Crumbley went home and recorded a video announcing his plan to shoot as many people as possible. Tuesday morning, he took a handgun to school and again that morning he was sent to the office because of his behavior in class. That morning his parents were called in to discuss his behavior but Crumbley remained in school that day. The attack took place a few hours later:

“He deliberately brought the handgun that day with the intent to murder as many students as he could,” assistant prosecutor Marc Keast said while successfully arguing for no bail for Crumbley and a transfer to jail from a juvenile facility.

No motive was offered. But prosecutor Karen McDonald said the shooting was premeditated, based on a “mountain of digital evidence” against Crumbley.

Investigators found that he had recorded a video the night before the bloodshed in which he discussed killing students, Lt. Tim Willis of the sheriff’s office said…

Sheriff Mike Bouchard told reporters that Crumbley’s parents were called to the school Tuesday “for behavior in the classroom that was concerning.” The teen remained in school, however, and the shooting occurred a few hours later.

Police aren’t saying at this point what the troubling behavior was that got Crumbley sent to the office two days in a row was. However, they have disputed the idea that he was bullied at school. Sheriff Bouchard said the anti-bullying coordinator at the school didn’t have any record of problems involving Crumbley and no students have come forward thus far to report any bullying.

There have also been rumors that some students might have stayed home the day of the shooting because of concern about potential violence that day. But Sheriff Bouchard said they’ve seen no evidence that any threats were made public prior to the shooting either on social media or by word of mouth. He did say that there was a letter sent to parents a couple weeks ago about a threat online but after an investigation it was determined that threat came from someone in a different state and wasn’t related to Michigan at all. The Sheriff suggested that some people may be conflating the information about that previous threat to the shooting that occurred this week.

Here’s a local news interview with Sheriff Bouchard yesterday. At the end of this he discusses the lack of a clear motive but notes that some writings made by the suspect have been found and that maybe something in those will give some insight eventually, he just doesn’t have that information yet.

Finally, Allahpundit mentioned yesterday that one of the students killed in the shooting was a 16-year-old football player named Tate Myre. Students have claimed that Myre was killed trying to rush the gunman and disarm him. Barstool Sports has a blog post about Myre here which includes a link to the petition to rename the school’s football stadium after him. That petition already has more than 130,000 signatures.

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