Verdict reached in the Rittenhouse trial: Not Guilty on all counts! (Rittenhouse collapses)

When Kyle Rittenhouse broke down sobbing on the stand during his trial, there were plenty of people who claimed on social media (LeBron James among them) that he was faking. Well, he obviously wasn’t faking today as he stood to hear the verdict and then collapsed as he was found not guilty on all counts.


As the first count in the death of Joseph Rosenbaum came back “not guilty” there was a silent reaction from the people in the courtroom, but Rittenhouse didn’t react at first. It was only when he was found not guilty on the fourth count, the one relating to the death of Anthony Huber, that he started to shake and sob silently. I’m not 100% confident about this but I think the woman behind him in the glasses is Kyle’s sister. She started to cry at the same moment.

As soon as the verdict in the last count relating to Gaige Grosskreutz was read, Rittenhouse stayed on his feet for a couple more seconds and then fell to the table.

He then sat up and attempted to stand but his legs weren’t cooperating. He slumped back down and defense attorney Natalie Wisco had to help guide him back onto a chair:

At that point, defense attorney Corey Chirafisi turned toward him and Rittenhouse gave him a hug (shown above). Chirafisi could be seen telling him to breath. Meanwhile, the judge thanked the jury and told them they were not obligated to speak to anyone about the trial. “You’re welcome to do so as little or as much as you want,” he said. But he added that media outlets had asked to speak to them but it would be at their option.

After the jury left, Judge Schroeder asked the defense if they had anything to say and defense attorney said he moved for judgment on the verdicts. Then Judge Schroeder turned to ADA Binger who replied that the jury had spoken. Judge Shroeder then dismissed all counts with prejudice marking the end of this trial.


The big question now is how everyone else reacts to these verdicts. There have been a handful of protesters outside the courthouse every day and just yesterday one of them was arrested for attacking a reporter. So there are probably still a lot of people out there who are not prepared for this verdict.

I’ll update this post with some reactions but for now here’s video of the not guilty verdicts being read:

Update: The reaction to the verdicts from outside the courthouse.

Also, here’s a short clip of the verdicts being read so you don’t have to scroll through that entire video above:

And…it’s already not going well outside the courthouse. Jacob Blake’s uncle was giving an interview to CNN when another family member (?) who was standing behind him started shouting out a man with a “Free Kyle” sign, calling him a “piece of s***.”


Here’s the guy she was shouting at who said he’d come from California to hold the sign. When asked by a member of the media he gave his name as “Brandon, Let’s Go.”

Pity poor MSNBC. They’d already been banned from the courthouse, now they cut away to listen to Jacob Blake’s uncle only to then have Blake’s uncle appear on the left side of the screen. Oops!

I’ve been expecting a bunch of reactions like this one from Mayor de Blasio. Of course what he says here about crossing state lines with a gun is not true, as is the idea that Rittenhouse just started shooting people. The jury just said that’s not what happened.


Chris Christie gets it right.

Update: Glenn Beck wants to help him “sue the crap” out of corporate media:

Jesse Singal makes a great point:

Update: Here’s one sad person that ought to take Singal’s advice.

Tulsi Gabbard:

Elie Mystal, the Nation’s justice correspondent, is not happy:


So are we going to see some anger out on the streets tonight?

And President Biden, who earlier claimed Rittenhouse was a white supremacist, says he supports the jury’s verdict and the jury system.

Cori Bush calls the verdict “white supremacy in action.”

Megyn Kelly has a very different take:

Nina Turner just ignoring all of the evidence in the trial.


Meanwhile, the “protesters” are making plans:

Update: Of course…

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