Things Joseph Rosenbaum allegedly said and did on the night he was shot

Things Joseph Rosenbaum allegedly said and did on the night he was shot

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse continued this afternoon with three witnesses, two of whom had recollections of things Joseph Rosenbaum allegedly said that night. Witness JoAnn Fiedler had started a group that held up flags to support police and first responders against the arguments to defund police. She was there that night to help protect property. She was armed and carrying a pistol in a holster. She also interacted with some of the BLM protesters who were on the street that night. Asked if she noticed the man later identified as Rosenbaum that night she said during today’s testimony that she remembered him “very distinctly.”

“Rosenbaum started shouting back at us that he’s going to—pardon me judge for saying this, and everybody else—but he was going to kill us motherf***ers, motherf***ing n***ers and cut our hearts out,” Fiedler said. She added that he said this “multiple times.” Here’s the testimony. Obviously this is very NSFW language.

Fiedler went on to say that she saw Rosenbaum cock his hand back and throw something. She couldn’t see what it was but she said immediately afterwards that people around her started shouting “chemical bomb” and her eyes were filled with tears in reaction to some chemical in the air.

Later in the afternoon, Nathan DeBruin, an amateur photographer and freelance photojournalist testified about what he saw the night of the shooting, Aug. 25. DeBruin had gone through his own photographs and identified Rosenbaum in several of them. He brought blow ups of these specific photos to the trial and they were entered as defense exhibits. His photos showed Rosenbaum and another man tipping over a porta-potty and dragged it into the street as a barrier.

“After they flipped over the porta-potty, they went back for a trailer and Mr. Rosenbaum helped pull and push this trailer out to the road, that was eventually tipped on its side and lit on fire,” DeBruin said. DeBruin also saw Rosenbaum remove a chain from the trailer and arm himself with it. While he was taking these photos DeBruin also heard Rosenbaum saying something. There was an objection at this point from the prosecutor but after a few moments the judge overruled it. Finally, DeBruin testified he’d heard Rosenbaum say, “that he’s not afraid to go back to jail.” Here’s that part of the testimony.

In case you haven’t seen it, there is a new video showing the moment Rittenhouse shot Rosenbaum:

A pathologist testified that the four shots were consistent with Rosenbaum lunging forward. He was either trying to grab the gun or trying to push it away as he chased Rittenhouse between the cars.

Finally, the trial does not seem to be going over well at MSNBC. Today, the host brought on a legal expert who argued that Gaige Grosskreutz would have been justified in shooting Kyle Rittenhouse but “poor witness preparation” meant the jury probably didn’t see it that way.

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