Proud Boys and Antifa involved in fights, gun battle in Portland

This happened in Portland Sunday. When I first watched this I thought this guy hiding behind the trashcan was firing off a lot of shots but after viewing it again, he only fires once. The rest of the shots are directed at him. Watch for a puff of smoke coming off the blue trashcan.


Willamette Week confirms that’s what happened:

A man standing behind a downtown garbage can fired one round at anti-fascists who were pursuing him. At least one person fired back at him—six shots—videos show…

“Get the f**k away from me!” the man yelled. At least one person fired back at him—six shots—but no one was shot or injured.

I count seven shots in return, not six. In any case, Portland police report the man seen in the video was arrested a few minutes later. However, the other shooter who fired six shots was not identified:

Officers learned of a suspect firing a gun, a description, and a direction of travel. Three minutes later they located the suspect at Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Alder Street. He was arrested and a gun was seized as evidence (photo). Officers booked Dennis G. Anderson, 65, of Gresham, into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

No one reported injuries. There were numerous people in the area, including several people taking video and photographs. There are reports that witnesses may have removed evidence from the scene before police arrived.

The evidence that was removed was the shell casings from whoever was firing at Gresham. Police asked Antifa what happened to those shell casings and they mocked the cops.


Shell casings were gone but the bullet holes were there:

In this clip, allegedly from before the shootout, you can see two guys following Gresham with guns pointed at him. Whoever filmed this focuses on Gresham and avoids focusing on the two other guys pointing guns at him. Somehow that fact didn’t make it into the Willamette Week story.

Other lowlights from yesterday include Antifa shoving, robbing and pepper spraying a female reporter who they believed had photographed them.

A local reporter called the behavior of Antifa “disgusting.”


One well-known member of the group also threatened to beat up a street preacher:

And that brings us to the major brawl in the streets that apparently went on for about 30 minutes between the Proud Boys and Antifa:

Proud Boys flipped the van:


And the fighting just went on:

Police just let it happen. Just another day in Portland.

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