Rachel Maddow breaks into tears describing efforts to get Afghan interpreters out of Kabul

Rachel Maddow breaks into tears describing efforts to get Afghan interpreters out of Kabul

Well here’s a day I never saw coming. I am not a fan of Rachel Maddow who I think has spread a lot of hot garbage and conspiratorial nonsense on her show over the years. In some cases, the chyrons on the screen have been used to correct her in real time.

And yet, I’m going to recommend that you watch a 12-minute clip of Rachel Maddow.

Trust me, I’m as stunned by this as you are. But in this case, I think Maddow really is on to something. While the Biden administration and some of it’s media cheerleaders on the left are claiming everything is going to be fine in Afghanistan, Maddow points out that it’s clearly not at all fine. In fact, it’s an incredible disaster which has left a lot of veterans here in the states doing what their president didn’t do, i.e. trying to make arrangements to help Afghan translators they worked with get out of the country before it’s too late.

As Maddow points out, these stories are being reported all over the country by local media outlets. In a kind of cyber-Dunkirk effort, vets are pulling strings, making calls, even sending money to help get people out.

In particular Maddow tells the story of Zak, an Afghan interpreter, and the stateside Major who, using only his phone and his computer in Rhode Island, has been trying to help get Zak and his family to Kabul airport and onto a plane. It’s a story with a lot of twists and turns but the bottom line is that this situation is clearly a clusterf**k of epic proportions.

“This is not how this is supposed to go, right?” Maddow said. She continued, “This is not the might of the US government. This is not the promise we made to people like Zak. It’s not how we were supposed to be bringing them home because getting this does not mean, oh, they’ll hop the next flight out.

“Window’s closing. Getting this wrong means theses people will get killed. And so you just keep on doing whatever you can.”

Zak and his family did make it out. And by the end of the clip, Maddow is barely able to talk because she’s so choked up by the story. If the Biden administration was hoping they could turn this disaster into a “Republicans seize” story I don’t think that’s going to work. It turns out that anyone who isn’t a complete partisan hack can see this is a huge mess. In his Instagram post the American soldier said he took a calculated risk to put Zak’s face out there so people would understand there were real people at stake in this mess.


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Kudos to the American soldiers who are still on the ground doing their best to keep Americans and the Afghans who helped our country safe. No one would have a chance to escape without them. But the idea that this is going smoothly or, as Biden himself claimed yesterday, that there was no way it could have gone any better is just pure flaming garbage.

If you don’t think you can make it through 12 minutes of Maddow, skip in about 6 minutes for the part about Zak the interpreter.

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