Professor outlines the ways in which progressives practice viewpoint discrimination in academia

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File

Professor David Decosimo is part of the theology department at Boston University. His online bio says the studies “theology, ethics, religion and politics, and philosophy and theory of religion.” Monday, Decosimo announced that it had been two years since he was granted tenure after what he described as 15 years of “exhausting” labor. He promised that to mark the occasion he would be offering some thoughts about what he learned.

Jump forward to today and Prof. Decosimo has posted a thread about the ways in which progressive ideologues within academia play Calvinball with the careers of any non-conformist scholars who seek entry into their universities, either as graduate students or faculty. The jumping off point for this discussion was the decision about tenure for Nikole Hannah Jones at the University of North Carolina. Decosimo argues this sort of thing happens all the time, nearly always harming those deemed insufficiently progressive.

I don’t think this would surprise anyone. In fact, I doubt anyone would even argue that most academics cover an ideological range from left to hard left. But according to Decosimo that often results in the most outspoken ideologues working to block the advancement of those who might dare to disagree.

Blocking new hires isn’t hard in a competitive environment and denying tenure is even easier.

Critical theorists can come up with 12 ways to call someone a racist or sexist without breaking a sweat. By applying these tools to nonconformists, they make sure those people’s careers are not allowed to advance.

And unlike Nikole Hannah Jones, none of these people whose careers are being tarnished will be written about by the NY Times.


I wish Prof. Decosimo had said more about the results but then I guess we call all see the results when we look at almost any college or university. They all seem to be run as progressive one-party states with the possible exception of some in the business departments. Those without tenure would have to be either very crazy or very brave to challenge the woke orthodoxy. As we’ve seen recently, even private high schools are doing their best to punish dissent, leaving both students and parents who pay exorbitant tuition afraid to speak for fear of being canceled.